Inkjet Fax Machine

An inkjet fax machines uses similar mechanisms to what an inkjet printer uses. Like an inkjet printer, an inkjet fax machine uses very small quantity of ink on paper to produce an image. Unlike a film-cartridge fax machine, an inkjet fax machine produces a better quality image. The dots are precisely positioned with extremely high resolution to create photo-quality images. Inkjet fax machines are slightly higher in price compared to the traditional film-cartridge counterpart.

Fax machine is a device through which encoded data can be transferred from one such machine to another. The data is transmitted over a phone line or radio broadcast and is received as a hard copy. The fax machine was patented under the Scottish inventor Alexander Bain back in 1843. Since then, fax machines have become fundamental equipments in workplaces and homes alike. Fax machines can transfer data in the form of text, drawing, lines, photographs and other images in distant and isolated locations. Modern fax machines work by employing a few mechanical procedures. A sort of sensor reads the paper fed into the fax machine at the sending end. The machine encodes the data according to the black and white spots in order to make the data fit to be transferred through phone lines. At the receiving machine, the encoded data is transformed through a mechanism that allows the paper fed at the receiving end to collect the data just the way the sender intended to send it.

Inkjet fax machines are manufacture by a number of well-known manufacturwers such as Canon, Hewlett-Packard, Panasonic, Brother, Lexmark, and the like. Amongst them, one of the most popular machines is the HP 640 Inkjet. At a transmission speed of 6sec/page, it is a compact machine that is easy to use, and is priced at $79.99 at For another HP product, there is the HP 1040 Plain Paper Inkjet Fax that costs $279.00 at Amazon Marketplace. This is a plug-and-play fax machine and rates high on usability. It has a page memory of 100 pages, and a transmissionb speed of 6 sec/page. For something a little less expensive, one can go for the HP 1240 Plain Paper Inkjet Fax that is pricedaround $50.00 at Amazon.

Another recommended inkjet fax machine is the Brother Intellifax 1860C Plain Paper Inkjet Fax machine. This is slightly higher priced at $99.99 at Staples. With a transmission speed of 3sec/page, the best feature of this machine is that it is easy to use. Brother Intellifax 2480C is also a good value machine. Users have recommended it to others claiming that it is a silent machine that can be operated easily, and produces very clear copies. This one is priced at $129.99 at Amazon.

Yet another popular choice amongst users is the Lexmark F4270 Plain Paper Inkjet Fax machine. According to users, it is super fax machine that is uncomplicated with a built-in handset and USB 2.0 interface. This machine can be found at Amazon Marketplace at $259.11.

There are a number of things that should be considered before buying a fax machine. It is important to look for machines that offer options for selecting image quality. If it is a black-and-white machine, a good inkjet machine should be able to print 64 shades of gray. With a little higher price, one can also get a color capable machine that can print colored documents. Keeping check for the availabilty of speed dial numbers in the fax machine, if needed, is also necessary. High performance inkjet fax machines have integrated digital answering machines. The user friendliness of the machines should also be taken into account when purhasing an inkjet fax machine. Also important is to consider the simplicity of seeting up the machine to work. And most importantly, it is crucial to compare prices of fax machines from different dealers to get the best value machine at the best price.

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