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Is your printer ink cartridge getting low on ink again? Have you ever had to replace your ink cartridge? People who are brand new to the world of computers, printers and fax machines are usually surprised when they find out how fast they can run out of ink and how much a new ink cartridge costs. You thought you got a great deal when you got your printer on sale for half price, right? The big surprise is that now you have found out that you are going to have to keep on paying and paying for ink. It is not a secret that printers go on sale at hard to believe prices because the store knows that you will need to keep coming back, spending loads of money on a regular basis for a new printer ink cartridge.

Now, if you are an old hand at replacing the ink cartridge in your printer, you are probably getting tired of running out of ink all the time and getting irritated because you have to keep putting out so much cash on new ink cartridges. By now, you may even be thinking about refilling your ink cartridge yourself with one of those ink cartridge refill kits.

If you are not quite at the point of refilling your own ink cartridge, you probably will get there soon. Go into any staples store or other office supply store and check out the many different ink cartridges for sale for all printer brands. You won’t find it hard to come to the conclusion that you may as well resign yourself to setting up a budget to include the regular purchase of a new ink cartridge at those ridiculous prices. You’ll see that no matter what brand of printer you have, you will probably walk out of there having paid at least $50 to replace your ink cartridges, only to have to go back and get more for it a few months later.

The good news is that you can find a replacement ink cartridge online at huge discounts. You do not have to buy the line that you should only replace the old ink cartridge with another brand name cartridge. Some brand name cartridge companies are even selling you recycled ink cartridges and you may not even know it. You really can use a third party brand ink cartridge and save yourself a lot of hard earned cash. There are a lot of ink cartridge marketers online now that offer really good discounts. These discounted prices are just too good to pass up. If you do not have the time to wait the few days for it to be shipped to you, you could afford to buy two or more at a time so that you will always have a replacement on hand. This way there will be no delay in your printing jobs.

Another way to save on your ink cartridges is to buy a store name cartridge instead of the printer brand name cartridge. For instance, instead of an HP ink cartridge, buy the Staple or other Office Supply store brand name cartridge. This will save you a few dollars. But to really save money, take the plunge and purchase an ink refill kit. The refill kit will have instructions on how to refill your ink cartridge and all the tools and ink that you need to do it with. You will be surprised that you can refill your old cartridge in a matter of minutes. And guess what? You can refill your old cartridge up to 10 times before it will finally wear out and need to be replaced by a new cartridge.

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  1. Bob says:

    I have two Canon Pixma ip2400 printers–I liked the first one at my office so much that I bought a second one for home. I bought the first one after seeing it top rated in a “leading consumer magazine”, and just $100. The best part was that I got the home one for free because it was on sale for $69 with free shipping from Circuit City. And unlike HP printers, this Canon came with 5 FULL ink cartridges (not sample, shipping cartridges). Retail value of this ink? $69. So it was like getting the ink for free.

    This Canon printer has great ink life–much longer than my previous Epsons and HPs. Even so, I switched to Staples brand ink last year as a test to see if there was a difference, and I am pleased to report that I have not been able to tell any difference either in the quality of the ink or how much it produces.

    Having said that, though, I will note that last night when I bought four more cartridges (one set), I discovered that the Staples brand cartridges were 12ml, while the Canon ones were 13ml–an 8% difference. Not significant, I admit, but since the Staples cartridges were only 7% less expensive, they actually cost more per ounce than the Canon branded cartridges. So I guess it pays to read the fine print!

    • Bob says:

      Oooops, I mean it was like getting the printer for free, since the value of the included ink was equal to what I paid for the printer.

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