Infrared Security Cameras

An infrared security camera allows people to ensure the safety of their property at all hours of the day. They are great for monitoring areas that get very dark, as they don’t need light to “see.” Security cameras in general have become a trusted tool for business owners to secure their property, knowing that if the worst case scenario does happen, the crime will at least be recorded, both for proof, and potentially to find the criminal. However, regular cameras cannot get a clear image in complete darkness. This is where infrared technology comes in very handy for protecting your property.

Infrared technology is based on seeing a greater spectrum of light than the human eye can pick up. This enables it to perceive an image even when we normally would not be able to see anything at all. The image is then converted into an image that we can see – usually in black and white. Every object emits a certain amount of infrared radiation, which is actually related to their temperature, and an infrared camera can see this. However, it does not pick up the light we see. This is a convenience for cameras, because it means that the image won’t be blurred by daylight or a flashlight.

Infrared security cameras usually use an infrared LED light to help them pick up an image. This light can’t be seen by us, but it amplifies the infrared lighting that is present in the room. This allows for a clearer image without the attention that is drawn to a normal light and camera. It also means that infrared cameras can be fairly well hidden, as they do nothing to draw attention to themselves. Some people believe that visible cameras function well as a deterrent. That may be true, but that also allows potential criminals to evade or destroy them. With a hidden camera, you can be safe without that risk.

Infrared cameras can also be built with the option to see in full color during the day time. In this case, they come equipped with a light sensor or time clock. When it is daytime, they view their area with a normal camera lens, and at night, they switch to infrared vision. This can be useful depending on the camera, as normal vision can produce a better image, and this can help to catch a person in the act. However, this feature I far from universal, and if you’re interested in it, you’ll have to look for a camera that comes specifically with this feature.

How expensive an infrared camera will be depends on whether you already have a camera system set up. The most important part of a camera system isn’t the cameras; it’s the system that stores the images. This can be done with tapes, DVD’s, or a digital system. Video typically uses a lot of energy in any quality setting, cameras have to be set up to work with a system that will record the image – security cameras typically do not come with any native recording ability.

An entire camera system, including multiple cameras, their installation, and the system to record it, can cost more than $1,000. However, these are usually fairly low maintenance, so it’s unlikely to cost much more than the front price throughout the life of the device. However, if you already have a system in place, and are just looking for the camera, infrared security cameras are not very expensive. The most that you’re likely to pay for one is about $300 USD, and it’s possible to find an infrared camera for under $100. This isn’t so heavy an expense, and an infrared camera can make your property much safer.

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