Infrared Sauna Heater

Sauna heaters are available in many different varieties today and from a number of manufacturers. One of the most popular seems to be the infrared sauna heater. While the traditional method consisted of heating stones and add water to increase steam, new technology has made having a sauna a bit more convenient. Each sauna must have some sort of a heating element in order to produce moisture or steam. This can be accomplished in several different ways and not all methods are fool proof. Infrared technology however, works very well by using heat that is radiated and created by an infrared electromagnetic radiation. This is the same type of heat that is found in the common light bulb. Because the infrared heater radiates heat it is otherwise known as a sauna radiator. Once the heater is turned on, rays will heat the air around the heater so there are fewer heaters needed to keep the sauna filled with steam and moisture. This is a much more energy efficient way to produce steam than many other methods on the market today.

The heat that is radiated by infrared heaters is harmless and can be used every day. The heat transfers the heat energy to your body while you are in the sauna and warms the skin. This is what causes sweat and essentially what a sauna is designed to do. There are many different benefits to having an infrared sauna hater. They send heat rays that have the ability to penetrate the body by depths up to 4 centimeters or more. This means that infrared heat will help your muscles to relax and cleanse the pores much more efficiently than other types of sauna heat. There are however, a few things that you will need to keep in mind if you are planning to add an infrared sauna heater to your life.

You will need to monitor the surface temperature of the infrared heater. In order for the heat to be effective it must be monitored correctly. The longer the infrared heat wave stays consistent the more beneficial it will be for the body. If you are looking to purchase a new sauna with an infrared sauna heater then you should check to ensure that the sauna offers infrared heaters on both the front and the back. This will help to provide much more effective detoxification as it allows your body to be warmed much more quickly and effectively. The sauna should be able to heat the back and the front of your body simultaneously in order to be completely effective. There are many saunas that do not feature front heaters due to their design. While these are still nice products, if you want a thorough detoxification every time you sauna then front and back heaters are essential.

You should also check to ensure that they infrared heaters are directed to the right areas. In order for the heat to be effective it has to be directed to the areas that need it most. The most common problem with carbon based sauna heaters is that the heat is not directed correctly. They produce a high amount of radiant wave but since the wave is not consistent then it is simply not effective. In order for the sauna to be completely effective, the infrared sauna heaters must be concentrated directly on the body. There are many places where you can purchase saunas with infrared heaters installed or if you are planning to remodel your sauna you can purchase an infrared heater to have installed in your existing sauna. Check the internet to find pool and spa retailers in your area who may offer these products for sale or simply find a reliable retailer and purchase online. Be sure to find a product that offers a warranty and if you are unsure of how to install your own heaters then contact a heating and cooling professional or an electrician for the job.

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