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InFocus projectors take files such as PowerPoint presentations or movies and displays them on a full screen. This device has many uses, from business and education to entertainment. Factors such as space and weight, reproduction (in lumens) and contrast ratios will influence what kind of device you will want to get. Lumens are a unit of measurement that accounts for the strength of light emitted from a device. More standardized measurements of lumens are called American National Standards Institute (ANSI) lumens. A contrast ratio is a measurement that measures the proportion of the darkest dark to the lightest light of a projected image.

For business and education, users should aim for the following products, which use DLP® with BrilliantColor™ technology:

  • The InFocus IN1100 is good for mobility, performance and useablilty. With its USB connectivity, set-up can be achieved in seconds and with the use of a much smaller cable. For optimum visuals in any meeting space, use this this 2.75-pound device that takes up 2,400 cubic centimeters, which is compact for easy transport among floors or during travel. Also because the InFocus IN1100 is smaller, it can fit on any tabletop. The InFocus IN110 has a reproduction of up to 2,200 lumens and a constast ratio of 1,800:1. This device can accept high-resolutions of up to 800X600 and can project perfectly from 4:3 t 16:10 widescreen computers. To use this device, it’s as easy as plugging it in and turning it on. It is the first projector to remove the need for resizing and toggle features. This device is a good choice for those with older computers, DVD players and standard definition video cameras, or other tape-based video content. A 5-segment color wheel promotes the authenticity of colors and lasting bright images.
  • The Work Big IN2102 is also a good model for those who like to stick to older computers, DVD players, SC video and other tape-based content. This model also has a 5-segment color wheel. At 2500 lumens and a contrast ratio of 2000:1, this model preserves detail in dark images. The lamp light has a shelf life of about 3,000 hours, and you can easily change out the light, even when the projector is mounted to the ceiling. There are multiple computer inputs and a wireless-ready port for these dust-free projectors. There are no fan filters or lamp screens that need changing, which means your projector can operate around the clock without any interruptions.
  • The INFocus IN3102 packs in 3,000 lumens and a 2000:1 contrast ratio. This device transmits audio and video content over USB and can project from any cable or wireless computer. It is under factory warranty for up to two years after point of sale and has a lap with a 6-month warranty.
  • For larger boardrooms and conference halls, consider the IN5102 with 4,000 max ANSI lumens and HD capabilities. It is under factory warranty for up to two years after point of sale and has a lap with a 6-month warranty.

For entertainment needs, consider these models:

  • The InFocus IN83 can turn any room into a movie theater. Working in digital format, this model has 1,600 max ANSI lumens after calibration and a 5000:1 contrast ratio, and this can be boosted to up to 15,000:1 by activating the iris. The IN83 incorporates HD technology.
  • The InFocus IN82 is the original digital home projector of the InFocus system. It has a 4000:1 contrast ratio that can be boosted to 12,000:1. This device is also HD compatible, and both of the entertainment models can be calibrated and locked to preserve these settings.
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