Induction Cooker

If you are looking for other ways to cook, there are now stoves that use electricity so that you can create that perfect dish for your family or friends. But aside from that, there is now what they call as the induction cooker. This kind of cookware use only induction heat in order for you to cook. However, before you can get to efficiently use the induction cooker, you must first put a conduction pot above the induction coil. It will only be then that the heating process would take place.

The induction cooker usually cannot be used with other cooking vessels such as aluminum pans, stainless pans, and even with pans that have copper bottoms. The said cooking vessels are usually made out of non-conductive materials, making it unsuitable for induction cookers. Furthermore, the inductive cookers are not in any way similar to the other cookware alternatives including the open grills and the hotplates that require electricity. The induction cooker itself does not have heat. It is only the cooking vessel that will be heated during the cooking process.

Compared to the conventional kitchen cooktops, the induction cooker allows you to prepare the food faster. Aside from that, the induction cooker is also consumes less energy as well. Moreover, this type of cookware heats the pot directly. Just set your desired cooking temperature and the induction cooker will do all the work. The stovetop will never have heat. As a result, you will never have to worry about someone getting injured or burnt because of a hot stovetop. But you should also see to it that you will never be in contact with the cooking vessel since this is the part that is hot.

The maximum temperature in the induction cooker will depend on the pot. And because it can get lesser heat compared to what the electric stoves and gas stoves can get, there is also a lesser possibility of causing the users serious injuries. And while using the induction cooker, you would notice that the air is not warm. Therefore, you do not have to worry cooking your favorite paste before the guests arrive because you can still face them with an intact make up and a fresh face.

But there are also several disadvantages when using the induction cooker. First of all, the induction cooker cannot work with glass or ceramic cooking vessels. You can only use cooking vessels that are made from conductive materials. Aside from that, if you would use pans that have thin bottoms, your food may burn easily. This is because the temperature of the induction cooker is usually controlled by just switching the magnetic field. There are no knobs or buttons that would allow you to change the intensity of the temperature. There would only be extreme heat or no heat at all. In short there is a rapid increase in the temperature of the induction cooker.

Another disadvantage of using an induction cooker is that you can only use flat pans. Woks and other kinds of curved pans are not recommended to be used with the induction cooker. Only the parts that are in contact with the stove can get heat. The rest of the pan will remain cold. As a result, the food will be cooked unevenly.

And when using a pan with an induction cooker, you must see to it that you put enough amount of oil and must maintain it during the whole process of cooking. The oil would allow the pan to get the heat. If there is not enough oil the fast increase in the temperature would only cause damage to the cookware and may cause injury to anyone who is near the cooker and the pan.

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