Induction Burner

Cooking methods have always evolved and the two modern methods are chemical and electrical. The basic idea behind various types of cooking equipments is to transfer maximum heat from the burner to the cooking vessel. Chemical method involves burning of coal, wood or gas, whereas electrical method involves passing an electric current through a coil made from current resistant material. Electrical method is better known as induction cooking gaining high popularity and is much safer. It is also energy efficient and cleaning is easy.

An induction burner is a powerful and a strong electromagnet having high frequency. The electric current generates electromagnetic effect under the heat resistance surface of the equipment. Now, when you place the cooking vessel on the cooktop, due to the magnetic field generated, the field is used as a medium to induce the energy in the vessel. Now this energy makes the vessel hot and thereby cooking the food.

The field transfers the high frequency energy to magnetic material vessel and the circulating current ignites the heat. Next, when you take out the vessel from the induction equipment or when you turn off the equipment, the heat generation process stops. You can control the amount of heat to be generated by controlling the intensity of magnetic field with induction burner.


  • Efficient: As in electrical cooking, heat is transferred to the equipment for cooking. That means food is cooked by the current and not the heat. In induction cooking, current is directly passed to the cooking pot and heat is generated in the vessel and not in the induction burner, which stops wastage of heat. According to statistics, induction cooking gives 90% efficiency.
  • Safety: It is the major reason for buyers that make them buy induction cooking equipment. Induction burner emits no dangerous radiations or fumes. The temperature of burners is cool around room temperature.
  • Timesaving: Induction burners can achieve high temperature in a short period and you can adjust the heat instantaneously. Whereas other cooking methods take time to initiate the heating of cooking pan.
  • Comfort: Induction burners do not result in heating up your kitchen. You can cook almost at any place, as you just need a power supply. They are more preferred on trips, where you cannot carry your gas cylinder along. So, they are preferred by chefs and home cooks.
  • Convenience: The cleaning of induction cooktop is very easy, as the foods spilled are not burnt, so it is easy to wipe them off. The best feature of induction burner is that if you forget to remove the pot from burner, your food will not be burnt.


  • Cost: Induction cookware is a new product and uses new technology, so it is expensive as compared to other cookware. Also it needs atleast 40 volts of power supply. If you are switching to induction cooking, you might need to rewire the kitchen area.
  • Metal Cookware: As metal cooking utensils will be required to adjust in the magnetic field and generate heat. You will have to check if your cookware is compatible with the induction burner. Using only steel or iron vessels will be a constraint with induction burner.
  • Availability: As it is a new technology, availability is less as compared to gas or electrical stoves.

Induction cooking is the future of cooking. With control over temperature and speed, you can experience cooking in a hassle free way. The portability feature of induction burner is yet another reason that makes it a unique method for cooking. As the demand for induction stoves will increase, the price is bound to decrease.

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