In-Dash Blu-Ray Player

Since the release of the Playstation 3 (PS3) gaming console there has been a continuous increase in popularity of the Blu-ray DVD player. For a while now Blu-ray has been looked at as the frontier of video players. Just in recent years there has been a growing interest in incorporating the Blu-ray technology to in-dash DVD players. This is where the development of various models of in-dash Blu-ray DVD players has spurred from.

Many people avoid investing in Blu-ray DVD players simply for the hefty price tag that they carry. If you purchase a PS3 then you could get the gaming unit which includes a Blu-ray player for a low price. However, if you want a Blu-ray DVD player then you can expect to pay quite a bit. When they were first released the price tag was over $1,000 for these units. Now, you can find Blu-ray players for a reasonable but still expensive price of roughly $350 to $500.

Buying an In-Dash Blu-Ray Player
If you are looking into buying an in-dash Blu-ray DVD player then you will want to look around a bit before making your decision. Sadly, there are not too many models to choose from. However, you should still take a few things into consideration before you make your final decision.

The most important characteristics of the device would be the screen size, price, and brand name. It would be recommended to stick with highly recognizable and reputable brand names such as Panasonic or Pioneer. These brand names are already well recognized for their extensive line up of in-dash DVD players and stereo systems. You can expect similar quality in products from these brands with their lineup of in-dash Blu-ray players.

Is an In-Dash Blu-Ray Player Really Worth It?

If you are currently contemplating the purchase of an in-dash Blu-ray DVD player then you will want to weigh out the advantages and disadvantages of this type of device. Obviously the most potent advantage would be that it provides a higher quality display. However, with display screens mostly ranging in size from 7” to 15” it is very difficult to achieve the highest quality possible with these devices. The main concern here would be that you do not get much more than a marginal difference in display quality when you upgrade to a Blu-ray unit.

There are still many benefits of having an in-dash DVD player. You can watch movies, view your GPS maps and information, Bluetooth compatibility, and do much more. There are endless possibilities when you have this type of device. If you could purchase an in-dash Blu-ray player for around the same price as a standard in-dash DVD player then you may want to do so. The quality of the video will be better but it may not be extremely noticeable when used on such a small screen.

The overall performance of an in-dash player will be slightly better if you go the route of investing in a Blu-ray model. It may not be worth it for the considerable mark up in price though. It seems that the in-dash Blu-ray players have been unsuccessful so far but it will take a few more years to determine the future of these products. If these units do not become more affordable soon then it is very likely that they will become even less prominent then they already are in the automotive electronics field. To conclude, an in-dash Blu-ray player can be a useful investment but there is not enough difference between the DVD and Blu-ray models to make it worth the increase in price.

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