Immersion Blender

It is always nice to have a freshly blended juice within reach. Instead of buying fruit shakes or blended fruit juice outside, many people opt to create one for themselves right in the comfort of their own home especially during the hot season. This is when kitchen appliances such as food processors or blenders are commonly used. However, the old models are bulky. It can take a big space in your kitchen cabinet and also can be messy sometimes when in use.

Since this is the era where the slim tools or kitchen appliances are the fad, you can now dump your old food processor or blender and get a new one. There is now a product called the immersion blender and it has already been in the market for several years now. No need for extra space in your kitchen cabinet just for one kitchen equipment. All you need is a little space to keep your immersion blender.

The immersion blender is equipment in the kitchen so that you can puree foods or blend ingredients. This kitchen tool can be used to emulsify the sauce or puree the soup. You can do this right in the container where you are currently preparing the food. Aside from that, unlike the conventional blenders or food processors, the immersion blender can also be used while the skillet or the pan is already on the top of the stove.

The immersion blenders are also known as the hand blenders, wand blenders, stick blenders, or sometimes called as the Bermixers. This is because the immersion blenders are usually slender and can be operated just by using one hand.

Thanks to Roger Perrinjaquet that the immersion blender now exists. He was the one behind the invention of the portable blender and he had it patented during the 1950’s. It was first called as the bamix which came from two French words – batter and mixer (meaning beat and mix). During the 1960’s it became a popular kitchen appliance in Europe and was used in America since 1980’s.

More often than not, the immersion blenders have shaft that measures ten up to twelve inches. This is the common size of the hand blenders that are used in most homes today. But the immersion blenders are not just for homes. It is also widely used in restaurants all over the world as well. But since they usually serve bigger meals and create more cuisines on a daily basis, the size of the immersion blenders can reach as much as two feet.

You can choose from the two kinds of immersion blenders available in the market today. Some units can be operated through the use of electricity. Just simply plug it in and the slender kitchen tool can be used instantly. On the other hand, if you want this portable appliance become more portable, you may opt to buy the immersion blenders that run on batteries.

The exterior of the small appliance are sometimes made from ceramic or high-quality plastic. But there are also some models that have stainless steel exteriors as well. But most of them have comfortable grips that would not let your hand slip from the immersion blender. The blending attachment can be easily separated from the shaft. In this way, you can choose which type of blender you would use depending on the ingredients that you would like to process, blend, or puree.

And unlike other food processors, you have control over the speed of the immersion blender. There are small buttons that you can push with an ease so the speed will be fast or slow so it could handle the different kinds of culinary tasks.

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