Igloo Coolers

Igloo coolers have been popular for many years. The Igloo company provides many different models today all offering their own distinct benefits and storage capacities. Igloo began manufacturing coolers back in 1947. Their first models were metal water coolers that were designed as a replacement for wooden buckets. The first actual Igloo coolers were not marketed until the 1960s. These earlier models featured metal exteriors and plastic interiors. The first cooler made completely of plastic was introduced in 1962 and was designed to provide a rustproof solution to the earlier models. Over the years, Igloo has been owned by many different corporations. Coca Cola owned it recently and today it is owned by Westar Capital. Most households today have at least one model of Igloo coolers. They are a very popular brand name and most consumers trust the name of Igloo more than any other company that manufacturers coolers.

Hard sided Igloo coolers are very popular among sports enthusiasts and outdoorsmen. The outside of these coolers is constructed of a high density polyethylene and the inside is constructed of polypropylene with insulated foam. This allows the cooler to be virtually indestructible while providing the cooling capability that consumers want. The soft sided Igloo coolers are made from nylon and PVC or polyester. The interior of soft sided coolers are made from PVC with insulated foam. Igloo is well known for turning out quality coolers that can keep beverages and foods colder than many other brands. The coolers are very affordable and come in many shapes, sizes, designs and color choices today.

Hard sided Igloo coolers are an excellent choice for camping, hunting, fishing and other activities where you need a more durable product. They can be sit upon and most support at least 200 pounds. Many models also offer cup holders as well as other various features including baskets and other dividers for separating and organizing food and drinks. If you are planning to hike or need something a bit more flexible, the soft sided coolers are an excellent choice. They offer a more lightweight design and can be used for a variety of cooling needs. Some models offer insulated tops to give you better cooling capabilities. With the sides and the top insulated, ice can stay frozen for hours longer than it would in a traditional cooler. Igloo claims that its hard sided coolers with insulated tops and thicker bodies can keep ice frozen for up to five days in temperatures as high as 90 degrees. Of course, keeping the cooler out of direct sunlight will help to keep food cooler as well and you should remember that consistent opening and closing of the lid will shorten this time considerably.

Most Igloo coolers offer a one year warranty against any material or construction defects and some models are guaranteed for up to two years. When choosing the Igloo cooler that is right for you, you will need to determine how much storage capacity you need. Again, these coolers come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes so first deciding how much room you will need for keeping food cool will help you to choose the right size for your needs. If you prefer a lighter weight then a soft sided model is best. If however you are planning to store a lot of food and drinks and prefer a more rugged and durable model then the traditional hard sided models may be the best choice. If you take care of it and avoid any undo damage, an Igloo cooler can very easily last for five years or more and provide excellent cooling capabilities each and every time you use it. You can purchase Igloo coolers from a variety of online retailers as well as offline department stores, sporting goods stores and other shops. Check your local area or simply head online and visit the official Igloo site or find a retailer that offers these products.

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