Iced Tea Maker

There is nothing better on a hot summer’s day than drinking a cold, frosted glass of iced tea. However, no matter how easy you think making tea is, making ice tea is completely different and can actually be extremely complex. For this reason you may wish to consider purchasing a really cool gadget such as an iced tea maker. Just as there are various types of kettles to make hot tea in the marketplace, there are equally as many iced tea makers. The most popular models include:

Tea over Ice infuser set – this model actually uses two pitchers. The smaller one should be used to brew your tea leaves, while the larger one is intended to be filled with ice (and sugar if you have a sweet tooth). Making iced tea is as easy as brewing tea in your smaller pitcher and once it is ready immediately pour it into the ice pitcher.

Hamilton Beach 40911 2 quart Electric iced tea maker – this is literally your all singing all dancing iced tea maker. The only thing that you need to do is place tea into the filter and then your ice in the pitcher. You have a choice of brewing strength and then merely need to press the button and sit back for 10 minutes whilst the machine does its job. One important consideration of this model is that the tea pitcher is not dishwasher safe and it can take up a fair amount of counter space and will also require an electrical outlet.

Mr Coffee TM3-2 3 quart iced tea maker – it sounds strange that a company such as Mr Coffee would make iced tea makers however this model is proving to be one of the most popular. The immediate advantage of this model is that it uses a very large pitcher. It uses three quarts compared with the two quarts of the previous model and still somehow retails at a cheaper price. However many consumers will tell you get exactly what you pay for. You will not be able to adjust the brewing strength and many independent reviews have talked about cracked or leaky pitchers. Therefore the reason for this model’s popularity may be more for price than its efficiency.

Back to basics iced tea maker – this can be considered the higher end of the market of iced tea makers. Firstly, the pitcher is 2.5 quarts, so this is in between the size of the previous two models. The pitcher is also made from glass rather than plastic which will mean that it is dishwasher safe and will not stain or keep hold of lingering odours. This model also comes with a filter basket, thus making it far easier to use loose tea leaves rather than teabags. If there is a downside to this model then it has to be the price, but as previously mentioned you pay for what you get.

Bodum Bistro glass iced tea maker with removable plastic filter – although this model will require a little more work it is perfect if you’re lacking countertop space. You should place your dry tea into the removable filter and fill it with hot water and then allow it to brew. Once it is ready you simply take the filter out and fill with cold water and ice. The glass pitcher is actually made from temperature resistant glass so you do not have to worry about using hot and cold water immediately after each other.

Iced tea makers have dramatically increased in popularity. This is mainly due to people finally realising the essential benefits to their health of drinking tea on a regular basis. However not all of us enjoy drinking hot drinks and this has therefore made iced tea an extremely popular refreshment. The models mentioned above have now made the process of making iced tea far easier. You no longer have to worry about things such as disposable paper filters and many of the aforementioned iced tea makers can actually fit perfectly inside your refrigerator. This not only allows you to keep your drink cold, but can also provide very easy access.

The majority of iced tea makers are actually fairly inexpensive and even a few of the models mentioned above can be purchased within the $20-$30 price range. The back to basics model that was considered the high end of the market will typically retail for approximately $40-$55 however this really is considered the ultimate in iced tea makers.

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