Hunter Air Purifier

Since people have become more aware about their health due to the information we now have about allergens and irritants in the air there is greater demand and need for air purifiers. The Hunter Company is one of the best manufacturers of small household items like fans and air purifiers. The Hunter air purifier is one of the best brands to buy when it comes to buying an air purifier. These air purifiers are among the most popular in homes and businesses because they are very efficient in cleaning the air. The Hunter air purifier features quiet operation, easy to replace filters and mechanical filter change reminders. The air purifiers available today are making homes and places of business a lot more pleasant and healthy and the ones made by Hunter are leading the way in air purifier technology.

Since the Hunter air purifier is so quiet, it is ideal to use in living areas or places where people spend a lot of time. Other air purifiers that are not as quiet can provide a constant distraction which can become very irritating. A lot of American families are using air purifiers in their homes these days. There are approximately 40 to 50 million people who have allergies. Those who suffer from them or who have asthma really like the Hunter air purifiers. An air purifier removes dust particles, mold spores, pollen, cigarette smoke, pet dander and bacteria from the air. Air purifiers can greatly improve the lives of people who need to live in environments with the purest air possible for health reasons. Other people enjoy them just for the clean air. These air cleaners will give year-round relief from irritants in the air.

You can find different models to choose from when it comes to buying air purifiers. The Hunter Company keeps their air purifies competitively priced. Their air purifiers have an easy to read digital LCD screens and can are energy efficient units. In fact, Hunter air purifiers are 20% more energy efficient than other brands with similar models.

All air purifiers need to have their filters replaced from time to time. The cost of air filters can be very expensive. Make sure you take this into consideration when you are shopping for an air purifier. Hunter uses HEPA filters in their air purifiers. It will remove 99.97% of the airborne dust particles and irritants that are commonly found in air. You can always shop around to get the best price on replacement filters too. Many websites have them for sale online as well. The pre-filter on the Hunter air purifier removes large dust particles. Another, sub-micron filter can stop small particles from re-entering the air. A charcoal filter also eliminates the smell of cigarette odor and smoke. The purifier also has an ionizer to help distribute negative ions into the room.

Hunter’s QuietFlo HEPA air cleaner can remove all the allergen particles in the air that cause people problems down to the size of .3 microns. Their tower model has a separate ionizer. The QuietFlo 401 air purifier has a separate carbon pre-filter. This is a great air purifier that can clean the air in rooms up to 400 sq. ft. The display panel is digital and it has programmable operation so that you can set the memory settings for whatever time you want to turn the air purifier on or off automatically. This also enables the filter life counter to be reset which will tell you how much time you have left on your filters. You can move the air purifier easily from room to room since it is lightweight and portable. The AMHA has certified the Hunter air purifier’s clean air deliver rate (CADR) for its efficient performance. This certification was based on 6 air exchanges per hour in a 400 sq. ft room.

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