Humidity Logger

Humidity loggers are a type of data logging devices. As their name suggests, they measure the level of humidity in the atmosphere. They also measure changes in levels of humidity. As a result, they are absolutely essential for people who are living in areas which are prone to natural disasters. These watches come useful not only during a disaster but also before a disaster. However, they are also capable of reducing the calamities associated with a disaster by making people proactive. Recently, manufacturers of humidity loggers have better understood the things that are needed for disaster prevention; they have included all these functions in humidity loggers. People can now send SMS and emails to other places – through the humidity loggers. The SMS and emails help to send off alarms to other people, and people can both notify other people of possible disasters as well as seek for help through the SMS and the emails. The humidity loggers are also capable of measuring temperature and changes in temperature – another important attribute to check-on during natural disasters.

However, the humidity loggers that can send off emails and SMS are generally considered as of the highest standard. They are also very expensive, and cannot be afforded by normal people. In most cases, only big organizations dealing with natural disasters buy these loggers so that they can warn people in their areas of possible natural disasters. Various disaster prevention and forecast stations installed by governments of various nations have implemented the usage of humidity loggers intensively in their operations. For example, the tsunami warning stations of the major oceans in the world all reportedly use humidity loggers to ensure their current monitoring and surveillance operations remain accurate. It must be stated that weather stations around the world also uses advanced humidity loggers like those discussed above for rain and other forecasts. Humidity is an extremely crucial attribute in the overall atmospheric system of the earth, and humidity loggers enable humans to keep ahead of the weather forecasts and save lives. As a reason, in many countries, government sponsored units, or heavy levies over import taxes are common.

Nevertheless, humidity loggers – with less advanced features – are necessary for all people, especially those in disaster prone areas. One such humidity logger is the USB logger manufactured by Microlite. This measures humidity every second; as a result, it is very accurate. It also contains a high resolution 10 Bit liquid crystal display – which makes it easy for people to observe the readings. It needs to be charged by a replaceable battery. It works with the help of MicroLab Lite Software; as a result, there is no doubt about its performance. Currently, the Microlite USB logger is sold in 8000 as well as 16000 versions. Its price is also reasonable – only $67.

However, Microlite’s USB logger may not be very useful for people who are at high risks from natural disasters. These people will need humidity loggers with more features. However, the features come with higher prices; as a result, more sophisticated humidity loggers may cost up to $1000. One such humidity logger is TriLink 4 Channel Wireless Bluetooth Data logger – which cost around $450. The resolution of its liquid crystal display is 2 bit higher than that of Microlite USB logger. It also supports a large internal memory – of 256 K. It is also more accurate because of 2 reasons. First, it measures humidity 20,800 times every second; then it averages all these 20,800 samples to get the final reading of humidity. Second, the readings can be made more accurate by attaching it to four external sensors. However, these sensors are not sold for free with the logger and must be bought separately.

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