HTC Touch

The original HTC Touch is a pocket pc phone that uses Windows Mobile 6 WiFi technology along with innovative touch screen technology. It is small and easily fits in the hand. The HTC Touch also has a 2 mega pixel camera. This smart phone is easy to use and has a straight forward design. The phone is basically all black with the exception of silver edges. The HTC Touch phone only has a few buttons because of the touch screen technology it uses. Because it has so few buttons the phone has a sleek and well organized appearance. The buttons are only used to turn the phone on or off and to increase or decrease the volume. There is also a button that is used for a self timer for the camera. The camera lens is on the back of the phone. The look of the HTC Touch is dominated by the touch screen. This smart phone was released in the European and Asian market just before the Apple iPhone was released in 2007. It has since become available in the U.S. The screen is truly a touch screen and all functions can be handled through the screen. This smart phone also has a multimedia player and Pocket Office on it.

The HTC Touch, that was designed for the American market, uses the CDMA network. There is a 3G GSM model that uses the EVDO network. Both models are essentially the same only they use different networks. The HTC Touch is a mere 4 inch by 2 inch device that is only half an inch thick. It is really small. These phones will give you up to 5 hours of talk time on a single charge. The standby time is 200 hours. The touch screen is a sixty five thousand color, 2.8 inch screen that has the 240 pixel by 320 pixels. This phone also supports Bluetooth technology for wireless data transfer. The phone also features a speakerphone and voice commands.

People who do not like the Apple iPhone because of its cost will love the HTC Touch. It is much less expensive than the iPhone. Since the phone is a true touch screen phone it does not have a keypad. You operate this phone by using your fingers to choose options on the screen. The user can use their thumbs to swipe across the screen to operate the device using ‘touchflo’ technology. You can use this phone to surf the web and check your email, etc. It has an integrated document viewer so you can take your office work with you. Documents are opened using Microsoft Office Word, Excel and Powerpoint. A lot of business professionals buy the HTC Touch because they can take their work with them and it costs less than the Apple iphone. These smart phones are so useful and easy to carry that they are beginning to make taking along a bulky laptop unpopular. It has an expandable memory so you can store all kinds of information on it.

Since the original HTC Touch was released in 2007 newer generation models have also been released. The HTC Touch Diamond is the latest model and is now available on the Verizon Network. This model is solid black and has a 2.76 inch touch screen and a built in Opera browser for navigating web pages. The camera on this model is a 3.2 mega pixel auto focus camera. The micro SD™ card slot supports as much as 16 GB of memory. This gives the user plenty of storage for pictures, videos and music. With the HTC Touch Diamond you can choose between Windows Mobile home screen or HTC TouchFlo™ 3D user interface. The Windows 6 Mobile 6.1 Professional will integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Office applications and Microsoft Exchange.

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