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HSDPA is the newest technology used on today’s 3.5G mobile phones. HSDPA mobile phones can download content from the internet at higher data transfer speeds than ever before. The HSDPA mobile phones are considered smart phones. HSDPA stands for High Speed Downlink Packet Access. This is an amazing new technology breakthrough for the mobile phone industry. HSDPA mobile phones with 3.5 technology are faster at downloading data than the 3G WCDMA network phones.

An HSDPA mobile phone can download data at speeds that are 10 times faster than other 3G networks. The download speed that is supported on these phones ranges from 1.8 megabits per second to 3.6 megabits per second. This means that music lovers can download a whole album in less than 15 seconds. With the newer 3.5G phones the download speeds are faster than ever. HSDPA mobile phones were very expensive when they first came out. Nowadays they are fast becoming very affordable. Most people who like to run several applications at the same time prefer to purchase these phones. Nowadays, this technology enables people to search the internet with their phone while listening to music on it at the same time because they now support streaming video.

HSDPA download speed is equivalent to the speed of the DSL line in your home. Many business professionals get these phones so that they have access to high speed internet no matter where they are. Whatever you are looking for such as fast transfer rate speeds, mobile internet calling and more, the HSDPA mobile phones can provide these functions at lightening quick speeds, making your life a lot easier. HSDPA mobile phones are the best choice for those in the business world and up and coming professionals that are always on the move. You are not stuck in the office tied to your computer if you have one of the newer HSDPA mobile phones. These phones are also integrated with various other features like the digital camera, music players and expandable memory.

Although computers and laptops still remain popular and always will be many of the younger people are gradually beginning to switch over to these newer generation mobile phones as their reliable source of unrestricted connectivity. The HSDPA mobile phones are like having your computer to always be with you allowing you to have access to broadband internet at all times no matter where you are.

More and more mobile phone companies are coming out with the HSDPA mobile phones in the United States for their customers since they were first introduced on the market. Not all of the mobile phone companies provide HSDPA service in all places in the U.S. right now but eventually they all will because of its popularity. HSDPA service is available all over Europe and Asia. In fact, T-Mobile is one of the companies that is considered the best in England to provide this service.

T-Mobile USA began selling their first HSDPA mobile phone, a Sony Ericsson TM506 flip phone, in 2008. They activated their first UMTS/HSDPA network in New York City in May of that year. They since then have other become available in other markets some of which are Las Vegas, Dallas and Chicago. The iPhone 3GS is AT&T’s was the first HSDPA smart phone and it has now been upgraded so that it supports HSDPA 7.2 with the other major phone companies to soon follow with their own upgrades. 4G phones are scheduled to hit the market as well. Verizon also has HSDPA mobile phone available now and offers the most coverage in the U.S. Step into any one of these stores and you will find more HSDPA mobile phones for sale than ever before. You can purchase these phones online as well.

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