HP TouchSmart

Whoever thought that one day we would all be able to simply touch a computer screen to navigate through programs rather than using a mouse or keyboard? With the introduction of the innovative technology introduced by HP TouchSmart, that day is now here.

When you hear people talking about HP TouchSmart they are talking about a series of Hewlett-Packard touch screen computers and laptops. HP TouchSmart computers and laptops feature various AMD and Intel processors. HP TouchSmart supports Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems.

The first HP TouchSmart was a touch screen desktop that was introduced by Bill Gates in 2007. It was known as the Crossfire or HP TouchSmart IQ770. It received a rave reviews and a rating of 81/100 PC World. Its only drawback was that it did not have HDMI ports and the mobile components slowed the computer down. In 2008 the HP TouchSmart tx2 was introduced on the market. It was the 2nd generation TouchSmart. It is the first notebook that was made available with touch screen control using this intuitive new touch technology. This notebook replaced the HP Pavilion tx2500z.

Another 2nd generation HP TouchSmart was the IQ500 series that was also released in 2008 by Hewlett-Packard. The IQ500 series featured a 22 inch widescreen with intuitive touch technology. The IQ800 series was released after that and which had a 25 1/2 inch touch screen. The HP TouchSmart IQ800 series is a laptop that also has a TV tuner with remote, Bluetooth capability, Web Cam and the HP pocket media drive bay. This series also has an illuminated keyboard. HP also makes a more expensive model, the IQ816. This model has a Blu-Ray drive and a dual-layer burner. The chip is a GeForce 9600M. HP also gives you a choice of the 640 GB drives or a 1T hard drive on this model.

The third generation HP TouchSmart was the TouchSmart 300 which was released in October 2009. The technology includes voice recognition technology. This TouchSmart 300 also supports Web browsing and has TV tuner software. People who use Netflix, Hulu and Pandora can access these applications using the touch screen software carousel. The newest feature is the voice-recognition feature. You can access your programs using a Bluetooth headset without ever needing to touch the screen or use the keyboard.

The HP TouchSmart 600 was also released in October 2009. The TouchSmart 600 makes the best use of touch input of any all-in-one pc on the market today. It sports a 23.5 in all-in-one 1920 x 1,080 display. It looks similar to the TouchSmart IQ816 and has the black plastic exterior. The voice recognition capability makes it one that can be easily brought into the kitchen. TouchSmart 600 can be easily mounted to the wall since it is fully VESA-mount compliant. This is another plus that makes it usable in the kitchen and can be easily used even while cooking. In fact the recipe box program feature has a built-in browser window that allows you to find and bookmark any recipe site. The recipe you choose can be formatted and indexed to be used later at your convenience. You can use voice recognition software to command TouchSmart to read the recipe back step by step to you.

You can also connect external video sources to the TouchSmart 600. For example you can connect game consoles, an HD camera or a cable box with the ability to be able to switch between them and your Windows desktop seamlessly. TouchSmart 600 also has a slot loading Blu-Ray drive and touch driven Netflix and Hulu interface. HP has now partnered with twitter as well. You can access these services via HP’s touch software carousel and have streaming content from the services. This brings an added new dimension to the home entertainment field.

The HP TouchSmart 9100 is the business version of the HP TouchSmart 600.

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