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Hewlett Packard (HP), the electronics company that is today best known for its personal computers and peripherals, got its start in 1939 headquartered in a garage in Palo Alto, California. If a long ago coin toss between HP’s co-founders, Bill Hewlett and David Packard, had gone the other way, we would now know the largest technology company in the world as Packard-Hewlett. Though the company started out manufacturing small generators, they soon began to focus on high quality electronics, and today are especially known for their high quality HP printers.

The company introduced their first incarnation of the products we now know as HP printers in 1984. That year heralded the world’s first introduction to inkjet and laser HP printers as peripherals for the early desktop computer. But it wasn’t until the 1990’s, when home computing became popular, that HP began establishing their presence as a force in consumer electronics. HP’s Imaging and Printing group is currently in charge of their printing products, and, according to a 2005 filing, was the leading printing and imaging provider in the world.

The company is still going strong with their line of HP inkjet and laser printers, and had increased their printing and imaging options in complexity and scope. For example, some HP printers are not just printers, but multifunctional devices that print, scan and fax.

HP printers are also known for leading in the field of digital photo printing. The original HP Photosmart printers were originally released as companions to the HP Digital Camera also called the Photosmart. The company’s photo printers are HP printers specifically designed to print high quality digital photos on special photo paper. These types of printers usually have a much higher number of nozzles than printers designed for standard document printing, which allows them to print more vivid, detailed images. Some consumer advocates criticize the designation “photo printer,” claiming that using that term is just a marketing ploy and that no company has sufficiently defined the difference between photo printers and standard printers.

HP is also not afraid to borrow from other technology when it comes to creating their renowned HP printers. For example, the components in their immensely popular LaserJet line of HP printers are borrowed from technology developed by the competing technology companies Canon and Xerox. Though some components and technology in HP printers are borrowed, HP creates the hardware, software and firmware that allows these lines of HP printers to actually serve their intended purpose – printing.

As more and more people choose to compute on the go, and laptop computers became more popular, HP answered the trend by offering mobile HP printers. These printers are designed to print on the go, but have drawn some criticism from industry experts due to the fact that they are nearly as large as their non-mobile HP printer predecessors, making them prohibitive to carry, for example, on a plane. Critics also accused one newer model of mobile HP printer, the HP Officejet H470wf Mobile Printer, with its sleek matte black exterior, of having more style than substance. On the other hand, consumer advocates gave this model of HP printer kudos for cost-effective ink cartridges.

One HP printer that has enjoyed more critical success is the HP Photosmart C8180 All-in-One. Running from the mid $200 to mid $400 range, this multifunction printer, fax, scanner and copier answers recent calls from consumers for more customization options, especially when it comes to digital photo printing. Create high quality and vivid document, image and photo print outs, the C8180 HP printer is considered one of the best all-in-one models in its price range.

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