HP LaserJet Printer

In recent years, the laser printer has gone from being an expensive office showpiece to a common household appliance. Modern entry-level models can be purchased for not much more than the price of an inkjet printer. A HP LaserJet printer is a great choice for anyone looking to upgrade from an inkjet or an older laser printer. There are several monochrome and color models to choose from, as well as multifunction models that remove the need to have a separate laser printer, photocopier, and fax machine. The toner cartridges in a HP LaserJet printer last for thousands of pages and are easy to change when they run out.

Hewlett-Packard (HP) was formed in 1939 and is now one of the largest technology companies in the world today. It currently generates more revenue than any other technology company and employs tens of thousands of people. The company has its headquarters in the Unites States and has offices in many other countries. Hewlett-Packard are well known for their large range of inkjet and laser printers. The company also sells desktop and notebook computers, calculators, digital cameras, scanners, personal digital assistants (PDAs), along with many other products. Hewlett-Packard products are a common sight in homes, schools, and workplaces around the world.

LaserJet is a well known brand name that Hewlett-Packard have been using for many years for their range of laser printers. Hewlett-Packard also sell inkjet printers under the DeskJet brand name, which can be a bit confusing for first time buyers. Despite the similar sounding names, inkjet and laser printers are very different machines. A laser printer is more like a photocopier than an inkjet printer. It uses static electricity and heat to deposit and fix dry toner particles to the paper, but an inkjet literally squirts liquid ink onto the paper using a printer head that has hundreds of tiny nozzles. This difference makes a HP LaserJet printer faster and more economical for certain printing tasks, such as bulk printing.

Monochrome printers, or black and white printers as they are often called, are more economical than color printers for the bulk printing of letters and receipts. By using customized stationary that has color graphics, only the black text in the middle needs to be printed. This method is much cheaper than printing an entire page using a color printer. The HP LaserJet P1006 is a monochrome model that can print up to seventeen pages per minute. Each toner cartridge lasts for about 2000 pages, which is far more than even the largest inkjet cartridge is capable of. The P1006 is one of the most inexpensive HP LaserJet printer models available and is suitable for both home and office use.

A color laser printer with multifunction capability is one of the most expensive types of desktop printer. Often called an all-in-one printer, it has a flatbed scanner which allows it to operate like a photocopier. It can scan and save a document to a computer file, and it can also be used to send and receive faxes if it is equipped with an internal modem. The HP LaserJet CM1312 is a color multifunction model that can print up to eight color pages pages per minute. It can scan and fax up to three pages per minute, and the internal fax memory can hold up to 250 pages. The CM1312 is an affordable entry-level HP LaserJet printer that is compact enough to fit on top of a filing cabinet or a side bench.

Maintaining a HP LaserJet printer does not require much time or effort. Refilling the paper trays and changing the toner cartridges are often the only tasks many people will ever need to perform. But like every other laser printer, it may occasionally suffer from a paper jam, contaminated toner cartridge, or some other problem. The Hewlett-Packard websites provides extensive support to help customers solve any problems they might have with their products. Printer manuals and software drivers can be downloaded from the website, and there is also information about common problems and their solutions. They also provide advice about what is the best type of paper to use for certain types of printing.

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