HP Docking Station

Hewlett-Packard is a company that is well known for their excellent quality and advancements in technology. They make high-quality computers, printers, various other hardware devices and more. One of the products that Hewlett-Packard manufactures is the HP docking station. An HP docking station is a fantastic accessory for your desktop or laptop that is essential if you want to have more connectivity options and add more ports. The HP docking station is well known for providing a better computing experience. A docking station will also give you a more comfortable working environment, specifically when you are using a laptop. It allows the user to have more of a desktop work environment. The docking station will also allow you to increase the functionality of your laptop.

There are different types of docking stations that HP makes. The basic type will provide you with all the necessary connectivity options if you want complete desktop functionality. A more advanced HP docking station will have more ports and a few other features that the older basic model does not have. It will also provide a security system for your computer. HP specializes in making a USB docking station for laptops. Having a USB HP docking station will allow your laptop to remain portable.

If you have an older HP computer you’ll need the older basic docking station for it. The basic docking station will give you all the connectivity features that are possible for the older models. The basic docking station has three USB 2.0 ports, one powered USB 2.0 port, two PS2 ports for your mouse and keyboard, VGA, audio in and out, as well as video in and out, LAN, parallel and serial ports and a monitor port. Keep in mind that the newer HP docking stations are not compatible with older HP computers and laptops. However, you can solve that problem if you get one of the HP USB docking stations since they are built with a universal system. If your computer or laptop is one of the new models then you should buy a newer version of the basic HP docking station. It has similar features as the older basic docking station only it adds a MultiBAy II drive. It also has EXpressCard card readers so it makes for more removable storage accessibility.

A conventional docking station has certain limitations that the USB docking station does not have. For one, they are more of a hassle to bring with you if you are using a laptop. They are heavy and bulkier. Also, it requires CD installation. A better option for a laptop computer is the HP USB docking station. You can connect it to your laptop via a USB connector by simply plugging it in. You can then connect your scanner, printer, monitor and other devices to you laptop very easily. If you have an HP or Compaq laptop or notebook you can use the USB HP docking station with it. The HP USB 2.0 docking station will give you a complete set of connectivity options, including four UB ports, audio in and out, Ethernet, DVI port, and VGA port. This docking station will also provide you with a security lock so you can keep the dock restricted from use by others.

If you are shopping for an HP docking station you will find them in stores that sell Hewlett-Packard computers, laptops, notebooks, netbooks, printers, scanners and other hardware devices. These docking stations are also available online. You can also go online and read the reviews about the various HP docking stations and their features, compatibility issues, etc. Reading the online reviews can help you decide on the perfect docking station to give you the best computing experience possible.

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