Hotpoint Washing Machine

If your old washing machine has just washed its last load and now you are in need of a new one, you should look into buying a new Hotpoint washing machine. Hotpoint is a well known and trusted brand name that is now a major appliance company in the UK. Hotpoint remains at the top of the list major appliance sales in the UK. This is because their appliances are built well and they provide excellent customer service even after the sale. In fact there are many more homes in the UK that have a Hotpoint washing machine in them than any other brand name washing machine.

A Hotpoint washing machine can be considered a green washing machine because they are built to be environmentally friendly and are very energy efficient. Hotpoint washing machines are in the forefront in regards to utilizing innovative technology in the washing machine appliance industry. Hotpoint washing machines are rated as 2B energy efficient appliances. They have ECO Cycles and settings that help the owners operate the machines in the most efficient way.

Hotpoint washing machines are essentially sold in four separate categories. These range from their largest most expensive washing machines to their smallest value washing machines.

The Aqualtis washing machines are Hotpoints largest washing machines that are available to the general public. The Aqualtis AQGD169S is the largest one of them all. It has a stylish design and comes in a silver or white color. It has a very fast spin feature so that your clothes come out of the washing machine very dry and will take little energy to finish drying in your dryer or outside on your clothesline. Every washing machine in the Aqualtis category has an Eco LED indicator that allows you to see how much energy you can save when you modify your water temperature and spin cycle speed. You can save up to 10% of the energy being used just by adjusting your wash cycle. This washing machine has a really fast wash cycle that only takes about 28 minutes to complete. You will also find that they have a mini load feature that allows you to save water when washing small loads.

The Ultima models are little bit smaller than the Aqualtis models but they still have the same as spin speed of 1600 rpm that will spin most of the moisture out of your clothes before they even come out of the washing machine. The LCD display on these models allows you to see how much wash time is left. The Hotpoint washing machine Ultima models are efficient washers but many find them to be a little bit too noisy for you when on the spin cycle. These models will also save time and energy and you can vary the water temperature. If you purchase an Ultima WT965 the color will be an aluminum finish.

The Aquarius Hotpoint washing machines have a load capacity of around 6kg. The Hotpoint washing machine that you buy in this category is going to be just a little bit larger than their smallest model. However it is also a very fast and efficient washing machine. The Aquarius models do not have as many features as the above 2 models. they are the perfect size if you only have a small family small family and will not be washing very large loads.

The fourth category is called the First Edition. This is Hotpoint’s value washing machine. It is the smallest of the four categories. It is a very basic Hotpoint washing machine model and it does not have very many features. However it does include the super wash, many load, extra rinse and wool wash cycles. This Hotpoint washing machine category is also energy efficient and environmentally friendly. It’s a great model selection for single people who live alone.

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