Hot Dog Cooker

Hot dogs are without doubt one of the most popular foods for many people around the world. You can, of course, quickly cook them in a microwave, but if you really want to enjoy a traditional meal then you may consider purchasing a hot dog cooker. The most common types of cooker are the electrical ones which you will often see in convenience stores, restaurants and, of course, mobile food carts. Your hot dog can be cooked to perfection and then kept warm until it is ready to be eaten. The main benefit of an electric hot dog cooker is that it cooks the food quickly and allows easy storage within the machine. You should also find that these machines require the minimum of fuss and cleaning.

By using a hot dog cooker you immediately gain an advantage over the mess that comes with boiling in hot water or frying in a pan. You will most often see these cookers at amusement parks, fairs and littered around many sporting events. Basically anywhere a large group of people gather, although the smaller residential cookers are becoming increasingly popular. This allows you to cook the hot dogs, and as mentioned, keep them warm until you serve them.

Should you use an electric hot dog cooker, you can actually cook your food in many different ways. Firstly there is a heating element located in the base that will actually steam and cook your hot dogs. You can, if you wish, use the pressure cooker which usually comes in the form of a glass or metal container. This once again will use the steam pressure. You also have the option of cooking and heating through an electric element that simply gives off heat to anything above (much like a standard cooker). Some cookers even provide a rotisserie function which allows you to slow cook the meat, thus meaning that you preserve all those wonderful flavors and juices.

Many models contain rollers which allow the actual hot dog roll to be heated through an even temperature distribution. Other models have electric heating lamps which can actually work out to be extremely cost effective as this will keep your hot dog warm for long periods of time. The majority of these cookers will have the temperature regulated through a series of controls and will also have bun warmers to add to the convenience.

You have a choice of residential or commercial hot dog cookers to choose from. There is no point in purchasing the commercial variety we often see on the streets if you will only ever be cooking 3 or 4 hot dogs at a time. The commercial models will typically allow you to cook your dogs in several different ways, such as steaming and electric cooking simultaneously.

Should you wish to use an electric hot dog cooker for commercial purposes, you can rest assured that you will be instantly recognizable. Many patrons are often on the look-out for a food vendor and this will make the large scale distribution of food far easier for you. Cooking on one of these concession stand cookers is fairly easy to. You merely turn on the rollers via the on/off switch and can control the heat from the two dials you will find on the front of the machine. One dial will usually operate the front rollers and the other one will obviously operate the back rollers. You then need to add hot water to the heating compartment. This will help to save time when cooking. You have small compartments within which to place your hot dogs and racks to place your buns on. Once you turn the machine on, steam will eventually be generated allowing you to cook. Should you have a rotisserie cooker you can place your buns in a warming basket. You can then broil the hot dogs in approximately 10-15 minutes.

The price of hot dog cookers will vary according to their usage. You can actually purchase a simple model for residential use for under $10, although you can get your hands on a great home model if you are willing to spend up to $50. However, if you are looking for a cooker for commercial use you can expect to pay a lot more, but you may still be surprised by the price. Many basic commercial Hot Dog Cookers will start off at approximately $720, but you cannot expect the top models to set you back a few thousand dollars.

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