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Hoover vacuum cleaners are the most popular in the industry. The Hoover Company has been making some form of floor cleaner for one over a century, and has used that time to make itself an incredibly popular brand name – and one that is synonymous with vacuum cleaners. Hoover vacuum cleaners are known for being of a fairly high quality compared to the rest of the industry, and for having a large presence in the floor cleaner market. As of today, the Hoover Company produces many different types of floor cleaners, but their vacuum cleaners remain their flagship product, as well as the company’s most popular.

Hoover established itself as the dominant name in floor cleaning by owning the patents for different types of floor cleaners. Most significantly, Hoover established the patent for the first vacuum cleaner. This established Hoover as the first and, at that time, the only vacuum cleaner producer. Furthermore, the company went on to establish new patents for new types of vacuum cleaners for years, which allowed them to remain the dominant company in the entire industry. They remained so for decades, expanding their reach into new types of new types of floor cleaners, although their vacuums remained the focus of the company. However, by the late 90’s, Hoover no longer dominated the market for vacuum cleaners, as they their patents had expired and more companies began competing with them.

In the beginning of Hoover’s existence, their vacuum cleaners were designed to clean carpets with the bottom of a broom handle attached to a fan. They were each hand made by the Hoover family, and found a very limited market to begin with. However, after a few years, when their supply and exposure had increased, they set up a development department, and began to improve the quality of their vacuums. By the time their patent for the original vacuum cleaner expired in the 20’s, they had already moved on to new method to make vacuums with and had established patents on those. By 1950, they had expanded to become a publicly traded company.

Currently, Hoover sells many types of vacuums:
Upright Vacuums: The most popular of type of vacuum today, which contains the vacuuming device within the system. These usually also come with a vacuum hose for cleaning corners and hard to reach places.

Canister Vacuums: This type carries the motor and the dirt bag within a portable canister. It uses a hose exclusively to vacuum objects into the canister. These are usually a little cheaper, but are inconvenient to drag around the house.

Central Vacuums: These have one vacuum motor that is placed in a discrete area of the house, and hoses are attached to it and run into different rooms. When the central vacuum is turned on, any of these hoses can be used throughout the house to clean their respective rooms.

Handheld Vacuums: These units are smaller and weaker than normal vacuum cleaners, but they are very lightweight and can be used to effectively clean small areas, especially those that are high up or hard to reach.

If you are looking for a Hoover vacuum cleaner, expect the price to range from $50 to $300, depending on the size and quality of the vacuum cleaner. A lightweight vacuum designed to clean light dust on hardwood is going to cost a lot less than a heavy-duty vacuum that can clean carpets effectively. Other features, such as hoses on upright vacuums, interchangeable hose heads, and adjustable power controls can also dictate the price. It’s easiest to buy a Hoover vacuum from a store that sells, them, because they can let you try it out and get a feel for it before you buy the vacuum, as opposed to buying it online before you have a chance to see how it really works in person.

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