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Home water purification is a very broad subject as there are many different types of water purifiers that are used for residential purposes. The simplest of them are attachable to the faucets as the water flows out of them giving a point of use filtration, while there are also very complex water purifiers that are attached to the incoming plumbing into the home which would ensure that all water that enters into the house is completely sanitized. People usually install at least some or the other kind of home water purifier, or use a water purifying technique such as boiling. The selection of this is usually dependent on the kind of budget that the family can afford for water purification.

The faucet water filters are the simplest kinds of home water purifier. These are fashioned so as to directly fit at the nozzles of the faucets. These are cheap and are available as single units. The faucet water filter filters the water as it flows out of it, giving the user water that is filtered at the point of use. It is a very convenient way to get potable water for drinking and cooking purposes. Most of these water filters are found on the faucets of kitchen sinks.

Undersink water filters are also quite popular, though they are considerably more expensive than faucet water filters. These are water filtration units that are installed below the sinks. The water that flows into the sink is first led through the filtration system where it is purified of most pollutants and even biological matter including microorganisms, algae and the like. The purified water is then carried to the faucet of the sink from where it is discharged.

The main appealing feature of the undersink water filters is that they can be very discreet. They are placed under the sink, which is a space that is anyway not used. So, they also become space-saving in comparison to some other kinds of home water purifiers. The undersink water filters are available in various capacities and some of them can have heating and cooling arrangements to provide hot and cold water too. They can be turned on or off according to the wishes of the user.

Another type of home water purifier requires the water to pass through a filtration chamber where it is processed and purified to bring it to a drinkable level. These filters are known as filtration pitchers. The chamber is usually a transparent pot which has the filtration agents. Once the filtration has been done, the water is flowed to the faucet from where it can be retrieved whenever it is in use. These are also inexpensive systems, but depending on their design, they may take some amount of space.

Many households are now rigging their main plumbing lines with water filtration systems. These filtration systems require major plumbing work for their installation. They filter the water that enters into the house to a near-complete level. All water that comes into the house is purified by using this system, even the water that comes through the bathroom faucets. The cost of installing such a system can be considerable, but because of the permanence of the method, many families are opting for such systems.

Every household uses some or the other method of home water purification, whether it is using a simple boiling process or sedimentation in an earthen pot (as used in some Asian countries – some alum is added to the water to facilitate better sedimentation) or using a complete home purification system. With the recent scare of waterborne diseases, the demand for getting foolproof home water purifiers has been decidedly on the rise.

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