Home Theater Subwoofer

A subwoofer is a kind of loudspeaker that recreates the bass frequency thereby enhancing the sound experience. The application area for subwoofers is car audio system, movie theatres and home theaters. It uses high power amplifier. To enjoy the latest technology sound system, you need equipment that provides full effect of sound. Sound effects produced by home theater subwoofer are so real that it evokes your adrenaline actions and make the entire house shake. It amplifies the lowest sound frequency in the signal and enhances it, so that it is audible. Home theater subwoofers are as powerful as movie theatre subwoofers, but they still make you shake with the bass effect.

The two types of subwoofers are passive and powered subwoofers. Passive subwoofers require power from external amplifier in a similar way as any other speaker system. The amplifier used must be capable of sustaining bass effect without draining the amp. The power needed depends upon requirements of speaker. Powered subwoofers solve the problem of inadequate power, which is absent in amplifier. Powered subwoofers provide the speaker and amplifier a boost for giving out optimum sound effect. It needs a line output through an amplifier that takes huge amount of power away from amplifier, so that amps can power the mid-range and the tweeters easily.

Front firing subwoofers mount speakers that create sound from front or sidewise direction of subwoofer enclosures. Down-firing allows firing sound towards floor. Additional ports allow radiating more air to increase the bass effect. Passive radiator is an enclosure, which increases efficiency. It is a speaker with no voice coil. Crossover circuit is needed to route all frequencies below a given limit. The crossover frequency for a good subwoofer is 100 Hz.

Subwoofer is not a standalone device in home theater application. It is used to fortify sound created by speakers and extremely large effect of low frequency sound in small sized rooms.

Subwoofers need special cables for connection. The subwoofer cable is made up of two conductor wire and carry mono signal with an RCA plug located at the end. For making most of the subwoofer capability, use of subwoofer cable is must. The cables provide you with good quality audio and also protect your music system.

The types of cables available in the market are oval, sidewinder and hollow oval subwoofer cables. The first type of cable, which is the oval cable, allows you to reduce low noise interrupts using small loops. It also enhances the realistic property of sound by producing deep bass sound. The sidewinder subwoofer cable allows clear sounds because of the solid conductors, as they are covered by foil covers. The hollow oval cable produces low frequency sound and avoids muddy bass effect. This is best for wall use.

Tips for buying the subwoofer:

Select the subwoofer by keeping in mind the size of your room. Depending upon the size and type of sound you want, select your subwoofer. Selecting the speaker size also matters a lot. Try not selecting electrical equipment of different capacities. Though it is not a strict no, but it may provide you with bad quality sound. The surround effect depends on the size of speakers. If subwoofers are not of equal size, the surround sound will not provide the adequate effect. The sound formats for speakers vary a lot. Before purchasing the speaker of particular format, check out the performance under varying sound equalizer parameters.

With all the above information about home theater subwoofers, you will be able to understand the concept of subwoofer in a detailed manner.

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