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Audio hardware has come a long way since the days of record turntables. The typical home speaker system is now a complex arrangement of many components. Its main purpose these days is to create a surround sound experience comparable with that found in movie theaters. Getting the best possible sound out of a system depends on the quality of its parts, but also on the types of speakers and how they are arranged around the room. For those who want to avoid the cost and hassle of buying all the parts separately, complete packages are available that are affordable and easy to install.

A home speaker system makes a great addition to any music player or television. The small speakers inside a television do not have the power and fidelity to produce sound as good as that found in a movie theater. They cannot provide a surround sound experience either because that requires speakers positioned around the listener. For music lovers and anyone with a home theater setup, a good quality system is essential. They can fine tune the system by moving the speakers and adjusting their settings to get the ideal listening experience.

Surround sound is one of the main reasons for buying a home speaker system. The technology that creates this awesome effect in movie theaters can now be installed in any home. The different channels in the audio signal are separated and sent to various speakers placed around the room. The number of speakers is used to describe what type of system it it, for example, the common ?.1?system has five satellite speakers and one subwoofer. Systems with many satellite speakers generally produce a better surround sound experience.

There are many parts in a home speaker system, including the AV receiver, subwoofer, and satellite speakers. The AV receiver amplifies the audio input signal and sends it out to the various speakers. It is normally a separate unit but some cheaper systems have it built into the subwoofer. The subwoofer is a speaker dedicated to producing low frequency sounds that feel like deep rumbling. The satellite speakers are positioned around the listener to provide directional sound. The cables used to connect the speakers are also included, and there may also be a remote control.

Speakers come in many shapes and sizes but they can generally be put into one of three categories. Floor standing speakers are full sized units that are mounted on a base. Most have adjustable bases that allow the speakers to be elevated over the furniture. Compact speakers are much smaller and can be placed on shelfs and tabletops. Wall mounted speakers are a better choice if they need to be mounted high up on the wall or ceiling. The ceiling models are flush-mounted and extend into the ceiling space.

There is little point in buying an expensive home speaker system if substandard cables and plugs will be used join to it. They are just as important as the other parts of the system and make a big difference in the overall sound output. There are many myths surrounding audio cables and connectors. For short distances, most cables are fine to use. Over longer distances, good quality cables are important to stop interference. One of the biggest myths is that gold plated connectors are essential for great audio but they actually make very little difference.

The home theater in a box?is a retail package that contains all the parts of a home speaker system bundled together with a DVD player and radio tuner. These packages are generally cheaper and more convenient than buying all the parts separately. The only thing missing from them to complete a home theater is a television. Some retailers will even throw in a cheap system if a consumer buys an expensive television. They are generally not the best systems available, so audio enthusiasts choose the parts separately to get the best ones.

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