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With a rise in residential crime, it is only understandable that there in an increasing demand for home safety products today. Several products are being designed specifically for use within homes, some of which are completely automated and will also call the local law enforcement agencies in case there has been some kind of a breach. Some of the home safety products include electronic locks, burglar alarms and security cameras that are hooked on to close circuit televisions.

The electronic locks are gaining demand today. These keyless locks require some kind of authentication by the user to get unlocked. This could be a numerical code or some kind of preset secret information, a security token such as a card or even a biometric identifying feature such as a palm print, a fingerprint or a retinal scan. These locks can provide different degrees of security to the household and have different costs accordingly. The biometric scanning locks are the costliest, but they are also the securest because no one apart from those whose bodily information is stored into the database of the locks will be provided access.

Burglar alarms have been common in residential use for quite a while now. These devices work with several principles, but the commonest ones are those that work with infrared technology. The burglar alarms will have a sensor, an infrared generator and an alarm system. The generator will produce an infrared ray which will be in the path of a possible intruder. When this path is intruded, the ray is broken, which snaps the connection to the sensor receiving it on the other end. This triggers the alarm instantly. Most burglar alarms can be set to call specific phone numbers so that the intrusion is reported in real time.

Today, there is a choice between wired and wireless burglar alarms. The wireless burglar alarms received a lot of flak when they were first introduced because of their poor efficiency and because of the fact that they could pick up false signals from the nearby environment, such as if a neighbor would have a similar system installed. However, today the technology of wireless burglar alarms for residential purposes has vastly improved and they have also become cheaper. People prefer them because they do not need to damage the d├ęcor of the home in installing them and because they can be given a high degree of discreetness considering that they do not require any wires for their installation.

Security cameras have always been popular too. These cameras are typically installed in entryways, gates, foyers, near doors and windows and such other entry points into the home. They are hooked to a monitor within the house. These are checked for possible activity in the area of view of the security cameras. Security cameras are fixed devices and hence it is important to adjust them to be suitable for the view.

There are many ways in which security cameras can be useful in homes. People can check who is ringing a doorbell before answering the door or they can monitor any activity that is happening in the nearby area. They can keep a watch in other areas of the home, such as a room in which a baby is sleeping can be monitored by a mother who is busy with her other tasks. Some of these security cameras come in handy when the parents have to go out leaving their children under the care of babysitters. In fact, security cameras became popular for home usage as nanny cams when several parents discovered that their babysitters would perform several undesirable acts when they were entrusted with the care of their children.

All homes use some or the other home security products today. This is a big market and several new products are being engineered for more appropriate use in residential environments.

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