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Pressure cooking is no longer reserved for restaurants. Those wanting to produce restaurant quality fried foods at home now have the opportunity with a home pressure fryer. Using a pressure fryer can help you to prepare foods much more quickly than with traditional frying and gives your food the taste of being professionally prepared. Pressure frying is much like using a standard deep fryer for your home, with the exception of cooking the food much faster. Just like with a conventional fryer, your food is cooked using a well of cooking oil. The difference is that conventional deep fryers have open lids. Pressure fryers use sealed containers in order to cook food. This makes the food cook much faster and helps to keep it from drying out on the inside while it browns on the outside.

There are safety factors to keep in mind when using a home pressure fryer. When you cook food in a traditional deep fryer, the moisture in the food escapes through the open lid. In a pressure fryer, the moisture does not escape. While this does help to keep the food moist, it can cause injury if you do not follow the manufacturer’s instructions completely when using the pressure fryer. When frying food under pressure, the taste is much better as is the overall appearance of the food simply because the natural moisture in the food is sealed in. You can pressure fry foods using much less cooking oil than in traditional deep fryers. This helps to make the food much healthier and give it a better taste as well. Instead of tasting cooking oil or having food that is entirely too greasy, your food will be perfectly prepared using less oil and the taste of the food comes through much better.

In addition to adding to the taste and texture of the food, using less oil means spending less money when preparing these foods. There is no transfer of flavor into the oil when cooking with a pressure fryer which means that your foods will taste exactly as they should taste. Colonel Sanders, originator of Kentucky Fried Chicken, has been credited with inventing the pressure fryer. While he originally began his famous fried chicken recipe using a skillet, he did change his way of cooking after seeing a standard pressure cooker during the 1930s and then changing the design of the pressure cooker to safely be used with cooking oil frying.

When loading food into a pressure fryer, it is important to prevent splattering of the oil. Carefully place the food in the fryer by wearing oven mitts or tongs to slowly drop or submerge your food in the oil. You should keep in mind that dark meat takes much longer to thoroughly cook than white meat and vegetables.

Because the temperature of the oil inside the pressure fryer is as hot as oil used in other deep-frying methods, it is important to prevent splatter by being careful while loading food into the pressure fryer. Wear oven mitts to drop the food slowly into the pressure fryer, or use tongs to pick up the food and submerge it in the oil and then allow it to drop. Take care when checking your food to prevent oil burns. If you notice that your food is nearly done, you can turn off your pressure fryer and allow the food to finish cooking as the fryer cools.

Keep in mind that home pressure fryers are different than home pressure cookers. You cannot safely fry foods in a standard pressure cooker. Pressure fryers are specifically designed to be safe when using cooking oil. They do not get as hot as standard pressure cookers so that the oil does not get hot enough to ignite. If you keep safety precautions in mind when using a home pressure cooker, there is no reason that you cannot prepare delicious fried foods at home in much less time than it would take in a standard deep fryer.

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