Home Power Monitor

A home power monitor can be a useful tool which can save you both money and power if used right. It is no secret that everyone wastes some power if they do not monitor it. The amount of money you are wasting on extra energy that you do not need can start to add up as well. A home power monitor will allow you to determine what devices are using power, and how much power. The most important usage of the home power monitor is that it can determine which device are using more power than they need.

If you use a home power monitor you can spot what devices are wasting power. Once you figure out these devices you can take action to minimize the amount of power they use. It could be as simple as modifying the time frame that the device is in use or decreasing the power level on the device. Either way, a quick modification of the configurations for any device can help save you a lot of money and power.

How to Use a Home Power Monitor
All you have to do is install the monitoring device where the electricity’s point of entry is within your home. Once this is done you will be able to view the information that it gathers. There are certain home power monitors that are designed to be installed to your power box as well. These devices will transfer any gathered information to a display which will be put elsewhere in your home. Home power monitors that require installation within the power box should be done by someone qualified to do so as it can be dangerous.

There are other designs of home power monitors as well. For instance, there is one type of monitoring system that requires installation on the case of your home’s power meter. This device will transfer the gathered information to a display just like the power box model. Some of these home power monitor systems will send the information to a remote display such as a computer or handheld device with a display screen.

The information provided from the home power monitor is usually instant and updated immediately. If you would like to figure out which devices are using too much power then you will have to run some simple tests. If you turn the power off of a certain device or section of your home you will notice a decrease in electricity being used. Just jot down the amount of power being used by a specific device or room. If you target a room that is using way too much energy then you could go through the process of elimination within that room.

Are Home Power Monitors Worth It
It will not cost you too much to buy a home power monitor. The end result will be you saving money on electricity. The device should pay for itself eventually. There are many small electronics in your home such as VCR players, DVD players, TV’s, radio clocks, and more. These devices all consume power and many of them are running at all times. This will add up on electricity costs. A home power monitor can help minimize the amount you spend on electricity each month, so it is obviously worth it.

You have to look at all of the devices that you have in your home that are using power without actually being used. Look at cell phone chargers for example. Many people will leave their cell phone on the charger even after it is fully charged. With the battery charger continuing to use power for no reason at all, it will end up costing you more.

One way around this would be to put your cell phone on the charger before going to bed. When you wake up you can unplug the charger and cell phone so you do not use too much power. If your cell phone does not take all night to charge then try to time it more precisely. You obviously do not want to go too far out of your way to save little bits of energy but everything will add up. If you take the effort to save a small amount of energy here and there, it will be a substantial amount you save each month.

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