Home Ice Maker

An ice maker can be very useful in a number of environments. Many establishments can benefit from using this product. For instance, you can find ice makers in many different hotels. Ice makers can also be useful in family homes as well. This is especially true if you regularly host house parties as there will always be enough ice for everyone. Standard ice cube trays can only make a limited number of ice so anyone that needs a lot of ice at once will require a home ice maker.

Home ice makers are not as large as some business oriented models are. The largest ice makers can easily cost $1,500 or more. Home ice makers can be bought for only a few hundred dollars. The down side to the price difference would obviously be the number of ice that can be made per day. Most home ice makers can make around 30lbs of ice per day maximum.

What is a Home Ice Maker
A home ice maker is a product that produces ice cubes similar to the way a motorized ice maker that is built-in to most refrigerators works. However, the process is still somewhat different as the home ice maker features a unique design. The ice maker process is rather difficult to explain without going into detail but the physical attributes are more important.

Most home ice makers are designed to be portable devices. They also feature a compact design so they can be moved around easily. The number of ice stored in them would be comparable to what could be stored in a small cooler. This may not seem like a lot but it is a step up from a built-in ice maker in a refrigerator. If you are looking for an ice maker to have available for parties and friendly get together events then a home ice maker would be perfect.

Buying a Home Ice Maker
The most common issue with ice makers is that they are heavy. A lot of these products are also not very portable as a result of this. The weight and portability of the ice maker should be something you consider when making a purchase. A heavier model may be more efficient and offer a higher capacity but it is useless if you are looking for a portable model. Alternatively, if you want to keep the ice maker in one place at all times then this would be fine.

If you are shopping for a portable and compact model then you will want to be careful with what model you buy. Many home ice makers are lightweight but there are a lot of ice makers that weight more than 50lbs. Obviously you would have to factor in the weight of the ice being stored but this should not be a major difference in the total weight. The lightweight models will weigh under 30lbs. This may still seem to be rather heavy but in comparison to the alternatives it is indeed lightweight. An ice maker around this weight will be somewhat portable but the heavier models will be restricted to portability.

Besides looking at the weight of the machine and the portability of the unit, you should also consider the type of ice you want it to make. Different units will product different styles of ice cubes. The most common options are square and round ice cubes. You can also find some machines that make crescent ice cubes but this is more common with the refrigerator ice makers. Even though this is an important factor it is nothing more than a physical characteristic. When choosing a home ice maker to purchase you will not want to let the ice cube shape that is made be a heavily weighed factor in your decision.

The last thing to consider would be how fast the ice cubes are produced. There are some ice makers that can make ice in as little as five minutes but others could take all day to fill up the storage space. When looking for a home ice maker to purchase you will want to factor in all the characteristics so you get the best unit for your needs. Overall, there are limited options for home ice makers so there will not need to be too much comparing. You just need to find the best unit within your budget which will need to be $200-300 at least for a good home ice maker unit.

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