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Great strides have been made in home audio receiver technology. If your past time passion is to relax and listen to music, you will want to make sure you have the best stereo receiver sound system that is available today. This means that you should focus on purchasing a high quality receiver for your AM/FM, HD (High Definition Radio), XM or Sirius Satellite Radio, and/or Internet Radio listening enjoyment. All receivers have a built in AM/FM radio tuner. Not all audio receivers are the same however. A 2 channel receiver is the simplest and the most basic kind of receiver. If you love music, your sound system capabilities will be very important.

In fact, a good sound system is probably more important to you than the video display on your home theater system. People who are passionate about listening to good music will spend more time and money on their home audio receiver than on the video portion of their home theater system. They will be more interested in setting up their room to make sure the acoustics are just right, so that they get the best listening enjoyment from their home audio receiver. To real music buffs, nothing is more important than good quality sound coming from their home audio receiver system.

Today, when you go into a store to talk about buying a home audio receiver, you will most likely be taken to the home theater system displays. Most people will buy the whole home theater system in one package, rather than buying separate units. People who are more interested in music rather than watching movies or playing video games, may not be aware of what to look for in a home audio receiver. They just want to listen to their music and the video portion is not as important to them. They may be confused and choose to buy an audio/video receiver for a surround sound system that the store sales person recommends. They do not realize that they also have the option of just buying a really good 2-channel integrated audio receiver and speakers instead. A good 2-channel audio receiver will deliver better quality sound than a low-priced surround sound audio/video receiver. Many people will purchase a simple home audio sound system for their garage, shop or patio.

Receivers are considered the brain of your system. You will be able to use the receiver to choose the source you want to listen from. For example, you could choose between listening to your favorite CD or to the FM or AM radio. If it is an audio/video receiver, you will also be able to choose to watch a movie on a DVD or Blue Ray disc.

If you are only interested in listening to music, then you should buy a simple 2-channel stereo receiver. There will be no surround sound circuitry to mess with and it will have only two internal amplifiers and two speakers. Many people are very happy with a simple 2-channel home audio receiver. This sound system is the easiest to set up and you can set it up all by yourself. The simple receiver is also the least expensive way to go and the sound is great.

An audio/video receiver will have at least five internal amplifiers and five speakers. Some of them even have 9 speakers. You can choose to go wireless too. Of course the audio/video receiver will give you the option of watching DVD’s or VCR’s. They are more complicated to set up so you may have to arrange for it to be professionally installed.

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