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If you are looking for a new wall air conditioner to replace your old unit you should consider buying a Hitachi air conditioner. Hitachi has become one of the largest business corporations in the world today and is a well known and recognized brand. They are constantly advancing in their development of air conditioning technology so that they can keep their lead the cooling industry.

When you purchase a Hitachi air conditioner, you will be getting one of the best and most efficient air conditioners on the market today. You can rest assured that the latest and newest air conditioning technology has been used in the production of a new Hitachi air conditioner. Not only that, but because of the advanced technology, Hitachi air conditioners will not harm the environment and are energy efficient. The filters in every unit will catch dust pollen, smoke, mold spores and other allergens making the air in your home much cleaner and germ free.

A new Hitachi air conditioner will remove warm air from your home and re-circulate cooler air back in. The Hitachi RAS09UH 9300 BTU Split Air Conditioner is an air conditioning unit that cools 450sq.ft and has an energy efficiency ratio rating at 10.1. This unit is very effective and has 3 cool settings and digital controls. This is a small, quite unit that is a ductless split air conditioner that does not need venting hoses or ducting running through your walls. . This air conditioner has a cooling and reverse cycle for heating. They come in 6 sizes, 2.5kW to 8.1kW. When installing, the outdoor unit should normally be located between 10-30m from the indoor unit.

A split air conditioner is an air conditioner that splits the hot side from the cold side. They are effective in cooling and heating individual rooms. The Hitachi RAS09UH 9300 BTU Split air conditioner has an indoor unit and an outdoor unit that is connected to by a hose set that conducts refrigerant lines. The unit needs to be installed by a professional but some individuals who are do-it-yourselfers can accomplish the task themselves.

Hitachi has an S-Series room that they have added to their air-condition units for sale too. These also have heating and cooling capacities. The Hitachi wall mounted SX8 wall mounted air conditioner has a flat front pane with a metallic finish. It utilizes DC PAM inverter technology to drive the compressors and fans. Inside each unit are six air cleaning functions and a stainless filter. An ionized mist is generated from the room air. This is a great unit that eliminates bad odors and kills up to 99.9% of bacteria and airborne viruses. The jet blades keep the air distribution efficient during heating and cooling operations.

The Hitachi air conditioner that is a multi zone all DC Inverter Multi-head split air conditioner system also has a reverse cycle and these units come in 4 different sizes to choose from. The sizes range between 5000 to 8000 watt units. The outdoor unit can be up to 25m from the indoor unit. The operate unit produces a very low level noise.
You can find a Hitachi air conditioner that is a ceiling unit also. They also cell monozone and mulitzone air conditioners.

Hitachi is a leading brand and prices may be vary by dealer. These are all high quality air conditioners and well worth the investment when compared to your energy savings and cooling/heating efficiency ratings. You can find the perfect Hitachi air conditioner for you home by shopping and comparing prices online. What ever your air conditioning needs is, you will find that a Hitachi air conditioner will be able to meet them both affordably and efficiently.

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  1. Happy Ghosh says:

    The Hitachi air conditioner is the best in the market, is very hard to digest. I bought one 2T Hitachi Atom Split AC in 2005 April, spending Rs. 42,000. The AC is extremely sensitive to slightest power fluctuation. So I was required to put another Rs. 8000.00 to buy a stabilizer. Apart from numerous issues, in 2008, my PCB got damaged beyond repair. So it was replaced and I had to pay Rs. 1600. In 2010 May, there was water leakage from the wall mounted unit of the split. I lodged a complain, and their analyst came and said “There is no issue. This is because of dust”. I paid Rs. 600. In 2010 August, the AC completely stopped working. Again I lodged a complain. Again their analyst came and said the PCB got damaged and needed to be replaced. I paid Rs. 1600 plus the service charge Rs. 600. Immediately after that the AC will not cool if it is run for more than two hours. The water was also dripping from the wall-mounted unit. It took me several calls and days to get their analyst’s attention. He finally came and showed me that there is frozen ice inside the wall-mount unit and said “the AC might be out of gas or the compressor is gone”. He dismantled the entire unit and charged me Rs. 230 as taxi fare. Two days later I came to know I need to pay Rs. 14,000 to fix the compressor. I cried why? He said “your compressor is 4 months beyond warranty”. I had to escalate this and I said “why it was not conveyed to me when the PCB was fixed for second time, that there are other issues?”. So they agreed to pay me back Rs. 1600, but I had to promise that I’ll pay another Rs. 230 taxi fare to carry the unit back. I inquired whether, the AC will work for two hours i.e. the way it was working before getting dismantled and carried to service station. They said “No”. Fair enough. I’ll keep the AC under the staircase, just to remind me things like “Don’t go by marketing gimmicks.” I had another 1.5 T Samsung AC bought in 2006. It is running without any stabilizer and without any issue for past 4 years and the cost was Rs. 24,000.

  2. Happy Ghosh says:

    I also would like to know the other forums where I can share my views. It is moral responsibility to warn people who are seriously thinking about buying Hitachi AC. Please go for Voltas or Samsung or Electrolux or any standard AC, but never ever go for Hitachi. It is over priced and sub-standard.

  3. Ravinder Sharma says:

    Hitachi just launched five star rated AC model SUMMER it is the worst AC money can buy. it’s compressor sounds as a silent generator and hitachi people are not cared about it you call them ten times but they are least bothered my complaint has been with them for over a month for that .

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