High Efficiency Furnace

A high efficiency furnace is characterized as a heat generator that is effective at turning most of the fuel source into energy. The energy that is produced will then turn into heat within the furnace. The high efficiency factor is very appealing as it limits the amount of fuel wasted to as little as possible.

Save Money With a High Efficiency Furnace
The standard furnace is only required to be 78% efficient. This is staggeringly low when compared to the high efficiency models, which provide a 90% efficiency or higher. The different in efficiency levels is extreme and the cost between the two will be easily noticed when calculated on a per annum basis.

Any homeowner that does not own a high efficiency furnace should consider upgrading to one. This is especially true if the heating costs tend to increase dramatically every single year. The improvement in efficiency will provide long-term savings that will be extremely noticeable in the following years.

What Makes a High Efficiency Furnace?
The efficiency level is the main factor in whether a furnace is classified as a high efficiency furnace or not. A lower efficiency will occur if the furnace cannot maintain all of the produced heat. This is caused by water vapor and heated gases causing a decrease to the heat in the furnace. Both the water vapor and heated gases will leave the furnace from the flue. The ultimate result of this is less heat being produced from the fuel source.

The high efficiency models will be designed to prevent or limit water vapor and heated gases. One technique that is used to do this would be the removal of heat from water vapor. With this method, the heat will turn into hot air for the household. The result of this will be a decrease in the amount of heat that is lost in the furnace as a result of water vapor.

Other Ways to Make a Furnace More Energy Efficient
There are a few other methods that can be used to increase the energy efficiency of a furnace. One method would be to implement an electric ignition system into the furnace. Another option would be to have sealed combustion with the furnace. The benefits from these two modifications will not be major but it will cause a decrease in the cost of electricity in the big picture.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a High Efficiency Furnace
There are many advantages and disadvantages to a high efficiency furnace. The two major advantages of owning a high efficiency furnace would be the decrease in electricity cost and the decrease in necessary fuel for the furnace. The only major disadvantage of a high efficiency furnace is that it can cost quite a bit more than other furnaces to buy. The high efficiency furnace will pay itself off within the next three to five years but this can still be a financial burden of an investment for some individuals.

Final Thoughts
Energy efficient products are becoming very popular as everybody wants to save electricity and money. The main issue with a lot of these products is that they tend to cost quite a bit to purchase. If the initial investment can be made, the savings could eventually pay off the cost of the initial investment though.

A high efficiency furnace can really save you quite a bit of electricity and money. It can even decrease the cost of electricity by up to 20% per year. This is a dramatic decrease that can easily add up to paying off the cost of the furnace in the years to come. With that being said, a high efficiency furnace is something that would be a smart and profitable investment for any individual that has the funds to do so.

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