HEPA Vacuum Cleaners

The average vacuum cleaner does not do much good when cleaning your house. They usually require way too many chemicals and while vacuum cleaners do remove dirt they can almost make the environment worse as well. In order to protect yourself from possible allergens present in your house you will need to use a much more efficient vacuum cleaner. One great choice would be a HEPA vacuum cleaner which is a vital part of any modern home if removing all allergens is essential, and it should be.

Cleaning your home is a very important part of improving your health. Without a healthy living environment, you will be at risk of getting ill, especially with allergens all over the place. With that in mind, HEPA vacuum cleaners are amazingly effective and are a solid investment. The HEPA technology was originally designed to protect you and your family from harmful radioactive particles. However, it is primarily the vacuum filters that make these machines so great and extremely efficient.

What Makes HEPA Vacuum Cleaners Different?
First off, lets just take a look at what HEPA vacuum cleaners really are. HEPA stands for “high efficiency particulate arresting”. The technology behind this particular style of vacuum cleaner first surfaced over half a century ago, but it has been in more recent years that advancements has been made and it has been applied to these high quality vacuum cleaners.

Now lets look at what sets HEPA vacuum cleaners aside from other types of vacuum cleaners. There is one major difference, and that is how efficient these vacuum cleaners really are. HEPA vacuum cleaners are capable of eliminating 99.7% of particles located inside your house. For that fact, it is obvious that the HEPA filters used in these cleaners are extremely effective.

Also, anyone that has strong allergies (especially to airborne particulars, ex. dust) would definitely want to invest in a HEPA vacuum cleaner. The efficient removal of allergens alone make this a solid investment over a normal vacuum cleaner. Even if you have to spend a bit more on a HEPA vacuum cleaner, it is worth the mark up in price, end of story.

Buying a HEPA Vacuum Cleaner
Some vacuum cleaners come with the HEPA technology already so you may want to look for these models as they may be less expensive. Otherwise, there are quite a few respected brands that produce vacuum cleaners solely around the HEPA concept. If you do some shopping around you should be able to find an affordable HEPA vacuum cleaner that you can rely on. However, there are quite a few things to take into consideration before deciding which model vacuum cleaner to purchase.

Your Home – your living environment should play a role in which HEPA vacuum cleaner you purchase. Look at the amount of space that needs to be covered each time you use the vacuum cleaner and decide what model works best for your home. A full-sized canister HEPA vacuum cleaner would be recommended for a big home, especially if you have both carpet and non-carpet flooring. If you have a smaller place then you could just get a small or mid-sized HEPA vacuum cleaner and be comfortable with it.

Your Floors – as just mentioned, a full-sized canister HEPA vacuum is perfect for homes with both carpets and non-carpet flooring. The reason for this is that the larger HEPA vacuum cleaners are great at making the conversion from wood to carpet floors, unlike the smaller models. However, you should also know that it is recommended to choose an upright vacuum instead if you mostly have carpet. The main downfall is that allergens are harder to remove from carpet, so hopefully your house does not have too much of it.

Personal Preference – make sure you buy a vacuum that you do not bother using. There are some designs that may stress you out when operating, so pick something you like. For some it may be a matter of deciding whether to purchase an upright vacuum, or a canister vacuum. There are advantages and disadvantages to each style so you will have to consider that as well, but you should buy a vacuum that you like, or else you might end up slacking on the chores!

In closing, take the time to get educated about HEPA vacuum cleaners and make the investment if you can. The results are worth the price as it is not just a vacuum cleaner, but rather a super efficient cleaning system that can even affect your health for the better overall.

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