HealthMaster Blender

The HealthMaster Blender is a device that is manufactured by Tristar Products Incorporated. The Tristar Products Company is located in Fairfield, New Jersey and has partnered over the years with celebrities like Jack Lalanne, Rachel Hunter and Carol Alt to manufacture, distribute and brand certain health products, beauty aids, home appliances and a variety of fitness and sports related equipment. The Health Master Blender is promoted by Montel Williams and featured on his television show, Living Well Montel. The Health Master is essentially a vegetable and fruit emulsifier promoted to replace traditional kitchen juicers, mixers and blenders and is different from these more traditional small appliances in a number of ways.

The Health Master Blender features a high-speed digital emulsification system that liquefies whole fruits and vegetables as opposed to a traditional fruit and vegetable juicer where you would need to peel and core the foods before juicing. The Health Master uses a motor that is nearly two horsepower as well as stainless steel blades and 1100 watts of power to completely liquefy the entire vegetable or fruit. This allows you to retain all of the minerals, vitamins, fiber and antioxidants that are normally found in the peeling of fruits and vegetables. Traditional juicers leave the skin, seeds and fiber behind thus giving you less of the essential vitamins and minerals.

The Health Master is also more versatile than traditional appliances and can be used to mix batters and mixes. It provides a centrifugal friction that allows you to cook certain foods and soups directly from the device and is completely dishwasher safe. In addition, the Health Master comes with a 100 year warranty on the motor, unlike traditional devices that typically carry warranties of less than five years.

Tristar Products, Inc. uses various videos and infomercials to advertise the Health Master Blender. The company states that it provides a much healthier way to obtain juice from fruits and vegetables because the entire foods are turned into juice and by consuming these juices, consumers have a much better chance of losing weight and enjoying overall better health. Purchasing this blender also gives you an eating plan that contains recipes as well as an overall healthy eating and exercise plan to maintain better health.

Studies have been conducted over the past few years showing that it is indeed healthier to consume fruits and vegetables in their total state. The Health Master has stainless steel blades that turn at approximately 3,000 RMPs which allows foods to be cooked from the sheer friction of the turning process. Fresh vegetables can be loaded into the Health Master for cooking fresh and healthier soups and sauces.

The Health Master Blender was originally promoted by Jack Lalanne as a Jack Lalanne product which he sponsored for several years until Montel Williams replaced him. These blenders can be purchased at a variety of “As Seen On TV” stores both in traditional stores and online. You can also purchase them via the telephone number that is given during the infomercial or from the Montel Williams show that runs on syndicated television. Many consumers tend to consider them expensive, but given the health benefits and the money saved by using entire fruits and vegetables and having no waste from these foods, many consumers feel that the cost is well worth it.

When purchasing a Health Master Blender, be certain that you are receiving an original product. There are many consumer goods today that are simply knock offs of the original device. Purchase from a reputable dealer or from one of the above mentioned retail options to ensure that the Health Master you purchase is indeed a Tristar Products, Inc. device and that it contains the warranty mentioned.

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