HDTV Smart Antenna

For many people a roof top antenna or an antenna that sits on top of the TV (rabbit ears) is the only way for them to receive TV programming. Cable or satellite TV may not be within their budget or their area. With many still using the older analog television sets, they find that they need a converter box as well as an antenna now that everything has gone digital. With the HDTV Smart Antenna it makes it possible for the older analog televisions, as well as the newer digital televisions, to get a much clearer picture with a lot more definition.

With a smaller and more stylish antenna like the HDTV Smart Antenna you do not have worry about adjusting the antenna every time you change the channels. Unfortunately this was a common practice with the other old antennas. Plus you have the option of an indoor or outdoor HDTV Smart Antenna depending on your housing situation and location. With the array of converter boxes available, make sure the converter box you chose has HDTV Smart Antenna capability. The HDTV Smart Antenna is a newer version of the amplified antennas, except that it now has digital chips used to process signals and remember their locations. Once the HDTV Smart Antenna locates the best signal, it locks in that signal then amplifies it before sending it to your digital TV or converter box.

There are two types of Smart Antennas most commonly used. The first is the switched beam which basically monitors fixed beams and then selects the best direction depending on the broadcasting station that is selected. The other type is called the adaptive array, which works in a similar fashion as the switched beam, except instead of using a particular fixed beam it is able to go in any direction of the signals location while still filtering out any interference.

The HDTV Smart Antenna is basically an antenna that has a memory. Each time you change the TV channel it remembers the best signal location for that particular channel. So that when you return to that channel it does not have to search for it again. Adjusting an antenna for digital TV is a bit more difficult than it was with the old fashioned antennas because you have to aim it in the exact direction of the signal. That is now what the HDTV Smart Antenna does for you. Whether you need a HDTV Smart Antenna or not will depend on your location. If you are in an area that receives weak signals and the signals tend to vary a lot then you should probably consider an outdoor HDTV Smart Antenna. On the other hand, if you live in a location where there are a number of TV stations, then an indoor unit would work well for you.

Due to the lack of information available a HDTV Smart Antenna may not be readily available every where. The price range for the HDTV Smart Antenna will vary depending on the brand and whether it is an outdoor or indoor antenna. As with all new technology the prices tend to go down after they have been on the market for a while. There are a couple of models out now and it would be best to check with your local electronic retailers to see what they carry. With all the different types of antennas and converter boxes available it can be quiet confusing. It is best to do some research on them and learn what their capabilities are so you can make an informative decision about which HDTV Smart Antenna will fit your needs.

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