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If you recently bought a High Definition Television, or HDTV, you might wonder whether you can still record your favorite shows. Yes, you can, but you need a recorder that is compatible with your HDTV. You need an HDTV recorder. There is quite a variety of HDTV recorders available in the market. You need to weigh your requirements to the features of each before zeroing in on one recorder.

Firstly, we have the High Definition Digital Video Recorder, also called the HD DVR. It functions almost exactly like your standard DVR, except that it is programmed to receive high definition broadcast signals, besides analog signals. You can thus, watch and store all the shows you want with ease. They are available for purchase in television companies, whether satellite or cable. Certain HD DVRs allow storage up to 30 and even 60 hours. Others allow the functions of pausing, fast-forwarding, rewinding and reducing the playing speed, so that you can watch your programs with increased freedom. Some recorders even come equipped with an EPG, or electronic program guide. This way, you can program your day’s schedule around the screening of your favorite movie. Other recorders allow you to watch television and record another show simultaneously.

Secondly, we have DVD recorders that have internal ATSC tuners. This ATSC tuner is the same as the one built into HDTVs, thus allowing you to receive high definition broadcast signals on your recorder. Then, you can record your shows easily. However, since the shows are being recorded onto a standard DVD, the quality will have to be downsized. Thus, though you can watch your show, you cannot view it with its original quality. You can avoid this to a certain extent if your DVD player has a feature that allows you to scale up the quality. This will allow the recording of the video in a format that is very near the original.

There are some cards called internal HDTV tuners. Other names for them include HDTV tuner cards, PC tuners and video capture cards. They are also equipped with recording capability. In similar fashion to some HD DVRs, some of them allow you to pause while viewing a live feed. It is these functions and their lower cost, which make people prefer them to set-top boxes. Be aware, however, that all is not well with these devices either. It is mandatory that you have a computer for them to function. Their installation process is also more difficult and time consuming.

However, once you install it onto your computer, you can view recorded content in the same HD format of their original airing. You will not have to put up with a scaled down content anymore. This is only possible if you have a Blu-Ray writer installed on your computer. The video then is written on a Blu-Ray disc as opposed to a normal DVD. Either you could use a BD-R disc for single use, or for recording repeatedly, you could use a BD-RE disc. The reason you need to record it on to a Blu-Ray disc is that, it is the only disc capable of storing the video in high definition, without any scaling down of quality.

Whichever recorder you go for, remember that you need to keep the dimensions of the recorder in mind, along with extra features. You can get recorders that come with a built-in hard disc. This affords you larger memory, thus allowing you to record many movies and shows. Meanwhile, remember that a bulky recorder will be difficult to transport, in case you shift a lot. At the same time, a small recorder would have a relatively difficult-to-use interface, such as small buttons. Keeping everything in mind, choose a recorder, which you feel suits your needs the best.

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