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The days of turning on your TV and adjusting the antenna are soon to become a thing of the past. As technology keeps advancing, it is sometimes hard to keep up. As of February 2009 the majority of all broadcasting stations have switched from analog to digital broadcasting. In doing so, millions of homes that are still using older analog televisions are now unable to view their normal television programming.

With high definition TV’s, a converter box is not required because they are already capable of picking up the digital signal. Cable and satellite both broadcast in the digital format and have many HD channels so basically with older televisions you are left with the choice of going with satellite or cable to view in HD. Both satellites and cable can be very costly for someone who is on a tight budget. This route also leaves you with a monthly bill or even a contract that you have to fulfill. Another option is to upgrade your analog television to a newer high definition television, which is not always feasible for many people.

If none of these options works for you then that leaves only one option if you are going to be able to view your TV programs in HD and that is getting an HDTV converter box. Basically what a converter box does is convert the digital signal format now being broadcast from television networks into an analog signal format that your analog television can pick up. The HDTV converter box is a step up from the digital converter boxes because now it can provide a higher picture quality and sound, even on the older analog television sets as long as the television is HD- ready.

With HDTV, the signals are very similar to normal digital television signals but are much larger so when viewed using a large television screen there is no loss of picture and they have a higher resolution. It is not going to be the same as if you had a high definition television but it will still give you a similar quality picture and great sound. HDTV converters work by converting the input digital signal from different formats into different resolutions. They then send it to the TV.

With many people opting to go with the HDTV converter boxes, the demand for more HDTV converters keeps rising. Now more and more are appearing on the market. Some of the leading brands of HDTV converter boxes are Panasonic, JVC , Viewsonic, Philips, and Doremi Labs. The cost of a HDTV converter box usually ranges from $150.00 to $300.00. You can generally find them at your local electronic stores. For more brand options and savings you might want to try to find one these HDTV converters online. There are many web sites that specialize in this type of technology.

When deciding on a converter box you need to take into account how your programming is broadcasted. Some of the networks only broadcast in high definition and unless you have a HDTV converter box you are not going to be able get the same resolution on the older analog television sets. For many people upgrading to a high definition television is not an option, due to financial restraints and the economy today. With an HDTV converter they can get a feel of what a high definition television is all about before making a big purchase on a high definition T.V.

You will probably have to spend more on a HDTV converter box than you would on a traditional digital converter box, so be on the look out for good sales. With all the new gaming consoles that are on the market today many of them require high definition televisions for optimum sound and picture. So a HDTV converter box would be beneficial to the gamers out there as well.

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