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There are hundreds of free high definition television stations out there and with the right HDTV antenna you can access them all, some of which are from all over the world. In fact, after June 2009, you will have to hook your television up to digital television anyway, so why not go for the best? Digital television is the latest way we get out TV signals *as opposed to analog, which uses radio waves). High definition is the highest level of digital, the others being enhanced definition (DVD-like quality) and standard definition. High definition offers rich colors, sharp images, crips sound quality and over all a realistic and high-quality viewing experience.

A high quality indoor HDTV is the best option as opposed to large, unwieldy satellite dishes, especially if you live in an apartment complex or combo. They are easy to install too, which is great since satellite dishes can often be a pain to install. If you can get a satellite antenna to work well on your own, you can avoid paying hundreds of dollars to cable companies. Howeve,r keep in mind that if you have a signal failure, you are your own tech support. There really is not a whole lot of help you will get, aside form basic antenna function, so if you are a big TV watcher and don’t want to be left hanging, you may want to consider just biting the bullet and going with Direct TV or the Dish Network.

Sometimes HD antennas can be pretty hit and miss. Alot of it depends on where you live and what kind of obstructions you have in your area. Some people pay good money on a antenna only to find out their old bunny ears did the jub just fine. However, after the digital to analog switch of June 2009, everybody will need a digital television receiver, so don’t rely on your 10-year-old bunny ears to help you forever.

Top manufacturers of bestselling HD satellites include Terk, Philips and RCA. Here are some top models:

  • The TERK HDTVi is an indoor antenna that is optimized for VHF and UHF stations. It is designed for both single and multiple family homes.
  • The Philips SDV9201 is compact and easy to install and is designed for prime directionality.
  • The Antennas Direct ClearStream offers a compact size, efficient design and a high gain for such a small size. Its range can go up to 50 miles, can be used indoors outdoors and even in the attic. This device comes with a lifetime warranty. It’s an easy to mount, plug and play device and is considered an affordable device with a great performance.
  • The Winegard SS-3000 is a very popular model and is praised by customers for being consistently strong-performing.
  • The RCA ANT1450B looks different from the other sin that it is completely flat sitting. However, it is able to pick up signals 360 degrees around. Comes with a 1 year limited warranty.

Here are some considerations:

  • Do you have any large building obstructions that can get in the way of picking up a good signal? Heavy wooded areas can also provide obstructions.
  • Antennas will fail in bad weather. This is typical and not a reflection on the quality of the antenna.
  • How far are you from HDTV towers? Those who will live out in the country will need stronger antennas compared to those who live in the city.
  • Don’t give up on the antenna too easily. In a lot of cases, it’s all about which direction you point the antenna.
  • Does the device offer the mounting options that you need?
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