HDMI Switch

As digital multimedia devices have gotten more and more advanced and numerous the need for digital connection and splitter-type-devices, which can tie everything all together and make everything actually work flawlessly with your older model HD television, has become absolutely critical.

It’s not fun when you go out and get the latest gaming console, hi definition DVD player, and best and latest cable television technology and you can’t get them to work because you don’t have the right “connections”. It happens, all the time, as you might imagine.

When dealing with advanced digital multimedia platforms with your slightly older entertainment system you’re going to need an HDMI switch, it’s absolutely a necessity, no doubt about it. Without one, there in not much of a chance that you’ll be able to assemble your system completely because all your devices will be fighting for the same HDMI connection! You need multiple HDMI connections, or an HDMI switch, in other words an HDMI splitter. Make sense yet? Don’t worry ,it will by the end.

The most advanced digital interface in the audio/video world is called HDMI and the cables that connect your X-box, Blu-Ray player, cable box, or other digital media device to your television or computer are called HMDI cables. Alright, so it’s starting to make sense, right? If you haven’t paid close attention in the world of technology for a few years, things really do change fast, especially within the last ten years. It seems like technology is never standing still, and that has to do with the amazing amounts of computing power that just keep growing and changing. Even if you have a fairly new HD TV, if it doesn’t have multiple HDMI slots then it’s unfortunately getting a little bit obsolete for the hi tech entertainment systems of today.

Anyway, you absolutely have to have an HDMI switch in order to hook together, as it were, all the devices to television, entertainment center, and home theatre. This way all that high end technology will actually work. If you don’t have the right HDMI splitter and the right cables, you’re going to be very frustrated, and that will ruin a day of hard getting everything together. It’s the worst when you bring home a new toy and aren’t able to play with it!

How many ports your HDMI switch has is really up to you. The minimum amount of ports would be two, so that you could have two different external digital devices connect to your television, for instance your HD DVD player, and your PS3. With a two port HDMI switch you will be able to hook both of these devices up to your TV.

Some people will need quite a few more ports however, especially people who have a lot of devices that they need to hook into their HD TV. Many HMDI switches have 3 to 4 ports, which is enough for most people.

The costs of an HDMI switch really tends to vary quite a bit, from a very low entry price of around $20 up to well over $2,500 dollars! And, as usual, you usually get what you pay for, try to look for a well-respected brand that’s been around for a while to avoid getting ripped off. Of course, the higher priced HDMI switch models are generally only for very hi-tech video buffs, professional media companies, and the like. This is not stuff for the average home, especially when paying around $100.00 should get most people everything they need.

The Beklin PureAV HDMI switch is a middle of road priced HDMI switch (around $80) that’s been given excellent reviews by most people and has become one of the bigger players in this niche electronics market. It tends to appeal to the middle of the market. This particular model has 3 ports and streams 1080p HD video. It’s all most people will need.

The lowest priced unit we could find, was just $19 and if from Iogear, the GHDMIS3 model. It is also a 3 port device, don’t expect it to be the best quality but for that price it’s quite an attractive deal.

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