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So you have a device with HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) and you want to send ti to more than one screen? It may be time to invest in am HDMI splitter. There are many things to consider when purchasing a HDMI splitter. How many display devices do you want to deny your signal to? What kind of signal is it? Will what you’re doing diminish the signal (which should not be confused with diminishing the quality of the image, which isn’t a genuine concern). By doing your research ahead of time, you are sure to find an HDMI splitter that can give you what you need.

HDMI is the latest in cable connection that provides entirely digital content in both video and audio, the first of its kind. Because it can offer different audio channels without the assistance of a converter, it has become the leading media of choice. As such, cable connections have become cleaner with fewer wires. High resolution, rich colors and brightness are just some of the ways HDMI is superior to its traditional counterparts. In the digital world, there are no scrambled channels or distorted or weak pictures. You either have the image or you don’t, and when you have the image it is crisp and rich in color quality. Television is forever changed for the better.

Before hitting the store or the Internet to shop, keep in mind that you can purchase a generic brand and get the same result as a high-end brand. The reason? Picture quality degradation is not a factor in dealing with digital signals: they either work or they don’t. Also, HDMI splitters should not be confused with HDMI switches. The former connects many displays to one source, while the latter connects multiple sources to one device. There are some considerations to make if you are using a HDMI splitter for your DVD player and your HDTV. Some people do this because their TV only has one port, but the danger in this is that you can lose the picture. Because HDMI splitters are not meant to direct two sources to one TV, the signal strength is greatly reduced, thus causing the picture to not show up. Instead, one should also invest in an amplifier or repeater or an HDMI switch.

For more inexpensive generic models, you will want to go somewhere such as Monoprice and track down an HDMI splitter that has as many inputs as you need and is compatible with your signal. Monoprice has a 21-day money-back guarantee and a lifetime warranty on their products. There are different kinds of splitters for different kinds of device, so before you even start, get it straight where you’re wanting to send your signal, which version of HD device you have and how many ports you require. Once that is determined, simply browse the product offerings until you find the one that meets your specific needs. There are even images to make sure you are getting the right thing.

Of the most popular generic models, the PCM-2275 Cables Unlimited HDMI Cable Splitter is fast, easy and connects two HD devices to a single signal source. The cable runs 12 inches long and supports high resolution images. The SWB-7850 HDMI Active Splitter with 1-Input and 2-Output also sends one signal to two displays. Source devices include a DVD player, cable box, game console, computer or an audio/video receiver. The PCM-2266 Cables Unlimited DVI-D to DVI-D & HDMI Cable Splitter connects one DVI-D and 1 HDMI display to one DVI source. The cable is 12 inches and installation is both quick and easy. High resolution images are supported. The PCM-2276 Cables Unlimited HDMI to DVI-D & HDMI Cable Splitter connects 1 DVD-D and HDMI display to one HDMI source.

Gefen Inc also offers HDMI splitters if you prefer to go with a name brand. One of their best reviewed devices includes their Split HDMI 1.3 Video to 2 High-Definition Displays. Compatible with the 1.3 HDMI format, this device allows you to connect cable boxes, DVD players, DVRs and other similar devices to two different screens. You can even link up multiple splitters for a larger distribution of the image.

It is imperative to keep the original packaging of your HDMI splitter. What if the device doesn’t work for some reason? This is the risk you take anytime you purchase a device like this, and the only way around it it to make sure before you buy one you know their refund policy. Many of the devices will come with warranties, but that warranty will be useless if you threw it away in the original packaging. In addition, don’t miss out in having instructions or a helpful hotline number because you were too eager to get started and threw everything else out.

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  1. Hypoglycemie says:

    Thank you so much for sharing the nice information on HDMI splitter. I would love to connect my PC to the TV monitor. Watching the live streaming videos from internet on my 40” LCD TV would just be thrilling. Good work! Keep it on!

  2. HDMI Guy says:

    I think it’s important that people be aware that a simple cable splitter probably isn’t going to get the job done. Real splitters have active chips in them that duplicate the HDMI signal – the passive cables that are becoming popular on ebay basically cut the bandwidth in half and can result in a lost signal or degraded picture.

  3. Bob Davies says:

    Hi guys, We have a hd box to get TV, and just purchaced a blue ray player and a high speed cable.When we got our goodys home we found the only HDMI input un the TV is occupied by the sat box for the tv. Whats our best option for running both the blu-ray and the sat box to the tv, also after reading your page I’m wondering if we needed to pay big buck for a high speed cable (17.8 gbs0 or would a cheaper, slower one have done the same job).

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