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People love wide screen HDTVs and love to watch blu-ray DVDs now which are taking over the market. Many gamers love to use their widescreen HDTV television monitor to play their games on. Gone are the days of the giant and bulky big screen TVs that you could only receive analog signals on. Today, we have HDTVs that receive all digital signals and produce the most stunning video viewing enjoyment for anyone who is watching videos or playing games on it. Before HDMI technology was available people used DVI and before that it was analog. Now we have HDMI. Most new monitors are wide screen and very sleek and slim nowadays. LCD monitors are very popular because they produce crystal clear pictures. When shopping for a new monitor it is most important nowadays to find one that has at least one HDMI port so your other components can be connected to it. If it has an HDMI port it is considered an HDMI monitor and is also referred to as an LCD monitor with HDMI.

An HDMI monitor is one that is typically used with high-definition TVs and home theater systems. HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface. An HDMI monitor is backwards compatible with DVI which will not provide the sound signal. HDMI provides both picture and sound. All of the new television monitors today have at least one HDMI input port so they can receive digital video signals. The HDMI monitor is needed if you want to be able to display the images on a Blu-ray player and most of the new game consoles via the HDMI port.

HDMI monitors are usually LCD monitors with an HDMI port. These monitors are highly desirable for people who really want the best in their picture quality, graphics and color accuracy. You can also use an HDMI monitor on a computer. HDMI monitors can vary greatly in price but you can get a great buy if you take the time to do some comparison shopping. Some are only a few hundred dollars while others can cost thousands of dollars. The monitor you choose will depend on your budget and what you want to do with it.

The HDMI cable is used to connect components like your Blu-ray player or game console to your HDMI monitor. The HDMI monitor gives gamers the pristine quality that they love when gaming. The cable contains 19 wires all wrapped together to form a single cable that closely resembles a USB wire. HDMI transfers video and audio at lightening quick speeds. It has a bandwidth of 5 gigabits per second. HDMI signals provide the sharpest and richest picture and sound quality that is possible today.

Before HDMI monitors hit the market the technology only allowed people to use one with standard RCA L/R analog jacks. The sound quality was not as good as it is today with HDMI. If you have an HDMI monitor you will not have a whole mess of wires behind your HDTV like was needed before because you only need the one HDMI cable to connect your components. These types of monitors are also electrically compatible with DVI signals. All you need is a DVI to HDMI adaptor.

HDMI technology was released on the market in 2003 and since then has taken the market by storm. There are more than 850 consumer electronic and computer companies that use HDMI specifications on their products now. You can get HDMI monitors on HDTVs, camcorders and digital still cameras today. People who want to use their computer with an HDMI monitor to play Blu-ray should be aware that it needs to support HDCP.

When shopping for an HDMI monitor look for one with specs that say 1080P versus 1080i for the very best picture and sound quality. The best ones will have 1920 x 1200 resolution.

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