HDD Camcorder

A HDD camcorder has a built-in hard drive that records video directly on to it. You can find them for sale in both standard-definition and high definition models. They have loads of internal memory and you can get them with up to a 120 GB hard drives. Even just a 40 GB hard drive will give you 5 hours of HD video capabilities. That is because the high-definition HDD camcorder offers more than the standard-definition camcorders. When you buy an HDD camcorder, you will never have to buy any DVDs or tapes because the video you take will be stored directly inside of the camcorder. These camcorders are outstanding in quality. The video will not deteriorate, even after playing the video back again and again. HDD camcorders are great for people who do a lot of video taping and editing. If you are a professional film maker, you will want to get a camcorder that is the HDD format.

Once you have your video recorded with this type of camcorder, you can easily transfer it to your computer by using a USB fire wire or iLink connection. Then you can share it with friends and family via email.

Toshiba, Panasonic, Sony, Canon and JVC are just a few of the manufacturers of HDD camcorders. Most of these brands will come with free extras like a camera case, shoulder strap and a tripod. The camcorders vary in price but you can pick up an HDD camcorder that will fit almost any budget. The higher priced camcorders will have more features and the lower priced ones have just the basic features included on them.

Having a camcorder can help you capture memories for friends and families. They are great to have to video tape a wedding or other kinds of important events that you will want to enjoy viewing over and over again throughout the years. They have no moving parts are worry free from mechanical breakdowns. If you have ever lost precious home videos on a removable disc that got damaged or lost, you won’t have to worry about that again with an HDD camcorder.

A 30 GB HDD camcorder can capture and store up to 21 hours if you have the recording mode set right. You will not even have to stop your recording to reload a new disk into your camcorder. There is plenty of storage space on the HDD camcorder. Not only that, but you can get a pretty decent one for about $500. There will be no need for media cards, flash drives, or mini DV tapes. Everything is stored in the camcorder itself, no need to bring along extra storage media. The biggest benefit to this type of camcorder is that it will never accidentally record over existing film. It is set to automatically start recording where the last video recording stopped.

Current HDD camcorder models have won the applause of most users when they discover how easy it is for them to sort through footage to find what they are looking for. The need to fast-forward or rewind has been eliminated. You can see the images as thumbnails on a grid so they can be sorted or deleted. Once you upload your images to your computer, you can edit them or store them there as a back up. You can also burn a DVD just in case.

The HDD camcorder industry is working on other innovative ways to use these types of camcorders. If you get a hard disk drive, you will already have a jump on the future of camcorders. Sensors can power-up or shut down the camcorder and it is great to have one that will shut down on its own if it is ever dropped.

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