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Video recorders or rather digital video recorders are becoming all the rage these days. With very little time to ourselves during the day and even lesser time left to dedicate to our favorite soaps, games, movies, reality TV episodes, it becomes quite convenient to have a device record all your favorite programs so that you can watch them leisurely on a Sunday afternoon. However, picking up a good digital video recorder (DVR) is important. Also, if you really want to enjoy the recorded shows in as great quality as they are when telecast, you require a high definition video recorder. Thankfully, there seem to be quite a few in the market.

When it comes to video recorders, HD or standard, TiVo seems to top the list. It has three DVR’s with features and prices to suit most pockets. The TiVo HD DVR is quite affordable for a high definition video recorder – just $300. However, in order to use it subscription to a monthly plan by TiVo is required. This HD DVR is one of the latest types of video recorders where you can watch one program while recording the other. That’s because this one comes with 2 cable card slots. It is also possible to record two programs simultaneously. It comes with a 160 GB hard drive that lets you store over 180 hours of Standard TV and 20 hours of HD TV. However, it does not work with satellite TV channels. If you want more features like pausing, recording or rewinding live TV and a DVR that works with Cable, over the air analog, and Satellite channels then you can opt for TiVo Series2 Dual Tuner DVR. This one also lets you record two programs simultaneously or watch one while recording the other. Plus you also get to fast forward live shows so that you can finish off a 30 minute episode in 20 minutes minus the commercials. Obviously, this one is slightly expensive.

The Scientific Atlanta HD DVR is like a combination of the previously mentioned DVRs, it lets you record, pause and rewind live TV and comes with a storage capacity of 160 GC which lets you store 20 hours of HD and 90 hours of SD (a little less than the TiVo HD DVR) This one is specifically provided by your cable provider and works with all cable channels. The cost varies from provider to provider but is payable over and above the regular cable bill.

If you can afford it, and desire it, the Dish Network’s ViP 722 DVR offers all the features and benefits of the previous three models in one set top box. Firstly, it is a satellite receiver which means you can get whatever channels you want via satellite. Secondly it is a digital video recorder with a huge 350 GB hard drive which can record and store upto 350 hours of SD and 55 hours of HD. Thirdly you can also pause, record or rewind live TV. This set top box is available only if you subscribe to Dish Network satellite service. These same services are provided by Hughes HR20 700 DIRECTV HD DVR. You can pause, record and rewind live TV, store up to 200 hours of SD and 50 hours of HD TV and with Dual TV tuners you can watch a show and record another one simultaneously. And again, like with Dish, you have to subscribe to Hughes satellite service.

Finally, a rather simple DVR is available from Motorola – the DCT-6412 DVR. This one works for cable subscribers and is available from many cable providers for a monthly subscription that may be quite affordable. It can record HD TV although the hard disk capacity is only 120 GB. However, you can record two shows simultaneously and you can also pause and rewind live TV. You can even schedule recordings in advance.

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