HD Satellite Receiver

HD satellite receivers allow consumers to pick up channels in high definition, a television format that has better picture and sound quality than analog. In fact, after Summer 2009, analog will no longer be an option for consumers. If an HD tuner is not already built into your television, you will need to purchase an HD receiver.

There are many things to consider when purchasing an HD receiver box, including the actual performance of the product and the contract terms. Some devices are faster than others, and you will have to take into account that the signal can be lost in bad weather. Picture quality among receivers could vary, and over the span of the contract, you have to take into account how much you are spending for set-up, installation, any additional hook-ups, monthly fees, cancellation fees and equipment charges. Sometimes the picture will distort with some models or break up during pre-recorded shows. Also, unlike analog televisions, it takes a but to switch from channels and menu windows; the system has to “think” about it, so there is a couple of seconds of delay.

Below are a few examples of bestselling HD Satellite Receivers:

  • The DIRECT TV H20, H21 AND H22 are a popular series of models. The DIRECTV H20 offers HDTC capability, MPEG4 capability, remote control, HDMI, caller ID and component outputs.The DIRECTV HD H21 can receive up to a 1080p image, includes a sound output mode and is available in Dolby Digital. Features include caller ID, parental control and software upgrade via satellite. Universal remote control is included, as is multiple brand compatibility. Comes with a 90 day warranty. The HD H22 can record up to 400 hours on standard television and 100 hours of high definition television at a time, and dual tuners allow you to
  • The Samsung SIR TS360 offers access to more than 225 digital audio and video channels and you can pick up HD broadcast television with the addition of an antenna. Includes games and a remote control.
  • The LG LSS-3200A works on both digital and analog television systems. This receiver can double as a digital TV converter during the national analog to digital switch for those with analog televisions. Channel coverage includes 69 digital channels, 11 VHF channels, 55 UHF channels and 125 cable channels.
  • The DISH Network ViP 211K is a sleek model that supports 5.1 Dolby Digital sound, offers four output resolutions (from 480i to 1080i), caller ID, a program guide and phone and audio data connectivity. Once cool thing about the Dish network is that you can watch six screens at once, and features include games, shopping, sports, news, on-demand movies, customer service, weather and more.
  • The is Sonicview 360 ELITE another bestseller. Features include 40 to 200 hours of programming depending on the depth of resolution of the image and dual recording and playback due to two simultaneous tuners.

Pay attention to contingency plans just in case your equipment fails. Always keep original packaging, warranties and carefully read the terms of exchanges, refunds and returns. For example, some contracts can lost as long as 2 years, and if you cancel prematurely, they can charge a cancellation fee and charge you for equipment, even if you are planning on bringing in the equipment. The charge is instant, and they will issue a refund once you return the equipment. When given the option of newer models as compared to the older models, keep in mind the further you go in the succession of the series, the better chance there is of the bugs and kinks being worked out.

Don’t immediately dismiss a receiver if it is lacking in picture quality; it is quite possible the device has a stronger image quality, but just fewer features. Some users may find this to be the case for DISH receivers, as opposed to Direct TV receivers. While Direct TV receivers are one of the most popular, they are also one of the most criticized. However, it is important to keep in mind that many issues you will face with a device is just typical of the technology ans should not be blamed on a particular brand or model. The exception, of course, is as we mentioned before — aim for the latest model in the succession when possible.

Some devices will have software packages you can download to improve the connectivity, usability and capability of your receiver. For example, you may have a receiver with limited device connectability and only a couple days of programming in advance, where you can’t even see past a couple days what is going to be on television. However, for a onetime fee, you can often download a software package. Not only will your options blossom, many bugs and glitches can be resolved by downloading software update packages.

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