HD PVR is the first type of high definition recorder that can record compressed images of up to 1080i in real time. This technology can be used to burn Blu Ray disks and you have up to 2 hours of high definition records that are recorded at 5 megabits a second. You can burn this programming into a 4.7 gigabyte DVD-R or DVD-RW disk, then replay this on a Bly Rau players. Because of this you can archive your favorite television shoes in high definition. There’s even VCH hook up if you want to convert your old VHS home videos to Blu Ray DVD.

Other features include a H.264 encoder, high quality of feed and performance. inputs for connectivity with cable TV, receivers and satellite, high definition up to 1080i, VGA/D1 or 720p, data transfer rates of 1 megabytes to 13.5 megabytes per second, Blu Ray compatibility, a HD video player, noise reduction, a remote control and a blaster to retransmit television channels. Record a video using one of three formats, TS. M2TS and MP4. All are compatible with AVCGD for Blu Ray. Keep in mind that one you purchase your device, you may need to purchase additional software, third party applications and updates as they emerge. You also may need connector cables, adapters and other accessories depending on which devices you are using with your HD PVR.

Below are bestselling models:
The Hauppauge HD PVR comes with a remote control and you will need a sound card and 256 MG of available memory. These devices can be upgraded to support Dolby 5.1 and are now available to work with the PlayStation 3. Software accessories include scheduler, an MP4 creator, blaster set-up and a remote control application. Third-party applications include Arcsoft Total Media Extreme, SageTV for HD PVR and Elgato EyeTV 3.1 for Macs.

The Acogito ACO HD PVR can be remotely accused through wireless devices and concludes a bookmark function.Features include recording schedile, parental controls, conflict alert, enhanced recording plan time (EPG), recall function, powerful trick mode, repeat options for specific segments of the program or the entire program, automatic scheduling/recording, easy and automatic set-up, and random scheduled recordings of the top 5 programs viewed by the user. These are all stored on “My channel” which comes in handy when you are tired of surfing around trying to find things to watch. You can even mark all of your recordings with don’t erase or permanently store so that your device knows what to di when you run out of space and you don’t inadvertently get your favorite shows erased before you have even had a chance to view them.

There are about a dozen HD PVR brands out there, and these are among the bestsellers:
The GEFEN GTV-HD-PVR includes instant recordings to flash media and internal hard drives, four available pre-settings that fold compression options, a user-friendly graphic interface, and international language support. High definition video is instantly recorded. Zoom options are available from 2X to 10X. Other features include single button instant recording, your basic playback controls, and a scan function to locate media.

The Mustek PVRH140 is good for movie makers, audio experts and digital photographers. There are 40 gigabytes of built in internal hard drive space in this compact device that can be portable. This mobile and compact device includes a 3.6-inch light emitting diode (LCD) viewer screen, and the storing of Mp3 files. Other features include a flash drive,r digital voice recorder and backup capability for memory cards. You can even record straight to MPEG4 form the television at 30 frames per second. There is foreign language support of 10 languages. Includes a carrying bag with a rechargeable battery pack. and necessary belt and software.

The Sonicview 8000 comes with a free 10-foot HDMI cable and 1 gigabyte of flash memory. There is a memory capacity of 6,000 channels and a two year warranty form the manufacturer, which covers all defects and failures.

Because HD PVR technology is relatively new, you must contend with certain formats maybe not working to their best ability. Luckily there are software packs you can download to resolve issues as they are discovered, and it is always bast to purchase the later model on the series, if there is an option, because the known bugs and glitches will have been resolved. Be sure to keep all original packaging for returns and refunds and understand the terms of the exchange. Company websites also hold crucial information on software updates and tech support. One of the best features of HD PVD is archiving of HD and VHS footage without conversions. However, if a device is good but the software is not, you are out of luck. This was an issue among Hauppauge users, but paying attention to software updates can help.

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