HD Multimedia Drive

The strength of an HD multimedia drive is that it can organize and store all of your digital multimedia files, like your videos, music, and photos and then play them back on your big screen TV. No more messing around with a small computer screen. This truly gives you amazing power to store massive amounts of digital files and utilize your television set in a way that wasn’t really possible in the past.

As computing devices and the television begin to merge into one technology, it’s thought that the lines will begin to blur between a television, a computer, internet, and other multimedia devices. In fact, that’s already happened to some degree. You can order Netflix movies through your PS3, if you so desire. You can hook up your internet connection to your television in order to play video games with players from around the world.

But, these new HD multimedia drives are a little bit different because you really don’t need an internet connection at all, however it does transform the way your television works. Your television or home theatre system takes on the power and versatility of a computer with one of these devices, because it can finally utilize multimedia in a way that only a computer could do in the past. This transforms your giant big screen TV into a true multimedia device. You can store and playback all of your music, your movies and videos, and view all your old photos and pictures in HD. This brings a whole new dimension to your television set.

The Iomega Screenplay Pro is one of the most popular HD multimedia drive devices on the market today. The entry level model ($199.90) features 1TB or 1000GB’s of storage, so that you know that it can store just about anyone’s entire video, audio, and photograph collection, unless you’re a crazy movie buff or perhaps a graphic designer or some kind your Iomega Screenplay will always have enough room to fit more movies and music on it.

Of course, if you need it, if you are that crazy movie buff or multimedia fiend you can always opt for the 2TB model, it sells for roughly $100.00 more than the entry level model. This model is really only necessary for the most avid audio, video, photo, and multimedia user. But, it’s there if you need it.

And, of course this device is compatible with HD TV’s and incorporates the latest HDMI technology to ensure the most amazing picture for your video and pictures. This is the way to store a huge collection of video files and play them back on your home theatre with the highest picture and audio quality available. It’s like literally turning your old video collection into a private home theatre collection. You’ll never have to pay movie theatre prices again for the highest quality movie viewing possible. From now on your comfy couch is your movie seat.

The Screenplay also has the feature of allowing you to record TV, and does so very reliably so that you don’t need to mess with your DVR, or a built in cable television recording technology, or Tevo. The quality of the recording is very high quality.

The only drawbacks of the Iomega Screenplay HD multimedia drive that have been reported are the interface could be more user friendly and that the remote control isn’t all that great. But, with the ability to get another remote and switch that one out, it’s not really much of a big deal.

Another HD multimedia drive device that’s very popular is the LaCinema Premier by Lacie, it comes in models with 500GB to 1Tb of storage and the cost is similar to the Iomega Screenplay Pro, if not a little more expensive. Perhaps it’s because it’s a little more user friendly and supports such a wide variety of file formats. It’s hard to say, but they are both solid choices.

So get with the times and get an HD multimedia drive device, in order to really taking advantages of all that your television set is really capable of…right now.

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