Hard Drive Enclosure

If it is a problem for you to change the hard drive inside your computer, or perhaps, if the option of doing so is not available to you at all, then the simplest solution would be for you to get an external hard drive enclosure with a capacity to host hard disc drives.

A hard drive enclosure helps to use your hard disk by keeping it housed externally. More conveniently, the enclosure is easy to use, as all you need to do is connect it to the computer with the use of a USB (Universal Serial Bus), so you can simply plug the device in and use it while the computer is running. The device will add flexibility and storage to your system and you can use it for various purposes. Hard disk enclosures have many other advantages as discussed below.

If you need to keep system back ups or copies of your main hard disk, then using an external hard drive is the perfect way to do so. In case of a system failure, you can use the copies of the main drive stored in the external hard rive to restore all your data easily.

Security is actually one of the main benefits of using an external hard drive enclosure. In order to protect valuable information and data from viruses and other threats like hacking, malicious scripts, Trojan horses, spy ware etc., it is always safe to store sensitive programs and financial data in your external hard drive to ensure maximum security. You can even use these drives to keep confidential information private especially when multiple users are using the same computer. You can easily turn the drive off when you are not using the data stored in it and can simply unplug the enclosure and stow it away under lock and key when not using it at all.

An external drive enclosure can very well serve the purpose of a really big memory stick as you can easily store large amounts of data in it and transfer files from one computer to another. It is very portable in the sense that you can simply plug the device into any computer with a USB port and read all the data from it, thus it becomes really easy to transport a lot of information at once.

External hard drive enclosures are also very useful for storing and creating archives and libraries of files and data. You can simply store huge amounts of music, movie and graphic files into the device, which not only frees up space in your computer system but also prevent the risks from files getting infected by viruses. Keeping these archives in an external drive even saves a lot of time required in maintenance such as virus-checking, de-fragmentation, spy ware sweeping etc.

Apart from having all these advantages, these hard drive enclosures are available in various sizes and are of various colors as well. They can even be made of either aluminum or plastic. Some popularly used enclosures are the ones manufactured by Sabrent, Vantec, CoolMax, Kingwin and Ultra.

When you are considering which hard drive enclosure to buy, remember that it must be specially made for whichever kind of hard drive it is to house. Integrated Drive Electronics or the IDE are the older drives while the SATA or Serial-ATA are the relatively newer drives. Apart from noise, the imbedded controller and connector are different for the two types of drives. If we had to recommend one hard drive enclosure, it would be the Mini Stack version 3 which can be ordered with an installed hard drive of up to 1 terabyte or just the shell to put in a hard drive. This enclosure has amazing reviews thanks to several high performance components.

All in all, external hard drive enclosures are extremely handy and useful, so much that you might end up getting yourself more than only one. It not only enables you to synchronize data to be used in multiple digital accessories such as printers, scanners, digital cameras, iPods etc., but you can also use the drive for data intensive uses like digital photography, high speed back up, audio or video editing and such.

Find out for yourself how truly amazing this device is and be surprised at why you did not get yours before, that too at the most reasonable of prices!

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