Hard Drive Camcorder

Remember when camcorders first were introduced? They were huge cameras that had to sit on your shoulder and weighed a ton. To record your video, you almost looked like a member of a professional camera crew. You also had to keep an eye on your taping time because the old style VHS video tapes had a limit on how much recording would fit on them.

Thankfully, technology has evolved a long way from the VHS camcorders of yesteryear. Now you can find camcorders that can literally fit in the palm of your hand and they no longer are dependent on bulky tapes to record the video on. In fact, there are so many options available now, that making a choice on which camcorder to buy can be fairly intimidating.

As long as you have a fairly new computer with a DVD burner, the best choice would be the hard drive camcorder but even these come with a range of specifications to decide between. A hard drive camcorder eliminates all need for tapes or other storage devices as it records directly to it’s reusable internal memory storage. Most are now offered in high definition format that is compatible with most of the new media devices now being manufactured. High definition is a feature that you definitely want to watch for.

High definition is everywhere. No matter if it is broadcast television, a notebook or home-made video. People want it. The manufactures deliver it. The analog cathode-ray tube was not able to generate sharp images. New TVs are high-definition per default. If you are buying a hard drive camcorder, you will buy a high-definition hard drive camcorder.

The prices for high definition are constantly dropping. So as the prices for all hardware. Currently, you will find cameras on the market for less than $300. However, don’t buy the cheapest or the first you find. There are still differences among all models available.

All hard drive camcorders have some things in common – a lens, sensors to capture video, an LCD display, storage, and a connection to a computer. However, there’s plenty to choose among these elements. The resolution and frame rates among the camcorders is not equal. Some models also offer extra specs that might be interesting.

All decent hard drive camcorders need at least a 15x optical zoom. Forget about the digital zoom, since it’s useless. You can always process the pictures on your desktop after taking them. A digital zoom is also a way of loosing resolution and getting a bigger image. The picture you get is as crisp as the quality of the lens that made it. The lens is the single most important technical spec for obtaining an image of quality. Buy the best lens you can afford, if you care about the quality of your videos.

A sensor’s makeup will also make a huge difference to a video. A good sensor will also have a good low-light performance. That’s absolutely necessary not only for filming in dark spaces, but also for getting images with a good contrast. The more pixels your sensors has, the highest its sensitivity. This is the second most important technical feature of your HD camcorder.

LCD is a matter of personal choice, since it won’t affect the quality of your video. Most users find bigger LCDs screens more comfortable, however, they are also more battery hungry.

Storage – if you already have a digital camera, choose an hard drive camcorder with a compatible kind of card. So, you won’t have to buy separate cards for a new devide. Storage capacity keeps growing and growing.

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