Handy Sewing Machine

Gone are the days when a sewing machine itself took up as much space as a desk. In fact, in the past, distinct comparisons used to be made about the worktables of the woman and the man. While the former consisted of a large sewing machine, it’s bulky foot pedal and many other accessories attached to a larger desk, the latter served more to the purpose of books and writing. A handy sewing machine on the other hand, is so small and portable, that it can be kept in the drawer of the desk itself!

Its handy nature is further augmented by the fact that handy sewing machines come with the feature which allows one to keep the cloth stationary while moving the machine. This is a better alternative because moving the cloth is an art itself which requires a degree of precision one associates with practice so that the stitches do not come out awry.. Being able to keep the cloth stationary and move the machine will take out this limitation. The cloth can now be kept pinned at the desk, while, moving the machine is as simple as moving a marker for drawing a line. Simple and effective, this method will prevent the users from experiencing the disappointment and embarrassment of unruly uneven stitching.

Portability also allows the user to reach different spots on the surface area of the cloth, which might have otherwise become a hassle with a conventional desk machine which is rooted to the desktop. Most handy sewing machines also come with customized options for different kinds of stitching. Different materials must be stitched using a variety of stitching methods for durability and precision, and this feature of the machine takes away the need of the user to learn by hand the techniques of the different methods. Thus the stitching of denim, which differs from stitching a fabric of stretch knit, which again is different from stitching curtains, will not be a problem anymore.

Features which accommodate for customized sewing types also allow the user to embroider the cloth in many different fashions. Stylish stitching techniques like cross-stitching can be lined along the hemlines for a vibrant lift to a hem that cannot be noticed. Many such handy sewing machines also come with features such as buttoners which are fast and amazing methods of sewing buttons – a task that can be both menial and tedious. The Singer Stitch Sew Handheld Sewing Machine makes a mark upon the others by differentiating the fine line between stitching and sewing. It is both battery operated, as well as works on an AC/DC operator. The Smartex Mini Rex Handheld sewing machine rated three out of five stars, and is handy for jobs like instant easy and swift repairs. These are difficult for desk machines to manage.

Although the Cordless Sewing Machine by Smartek is not handheld, it makes up for its lack in feature by being rated with three stars by the users. This is justified by the fact that this handy (though not handheld) design allows for double thread design using regular spools of thread. Brother CS6000I 60-Stitch Computerized Free-Arm Sewing Machine with Multiple Stitch Functions is handy in the sense that it allows for multiple of stitching functions, which is suitable for the adventurous, and those who like embroidering. In fact customers expressed so much satisfaction with this product, that it had been rated 4 and a half stars!

One important thing to remember about such products is always to ask for the instruction manual. Operating without an instruction manual can turn even the most fascinating gadgets into useless pieces of junk. While this is sufficiently user-friendly to those who know how to operate it, those who cannot learn to operate it, can end up getting a bad value for the money. This is one of the limitations of a handy sewing machine – it is not suitable for everyone, unless that person is skilled with a certain degree of technical knowledge.

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