Hand Mower

A hand mower is basically a push mower that does not require any type of fuel at all. It is nothing like the hand mowers of the past though. Hand mowers that are made today are lightweight, require little maintenance, and will last for a very long time. There are many other benefits associated with using a hand mower instead of a gas powered push mower or different type of fuel-demanding mower.

Benefits of a Hand Mower

One of the major benefits of hand mowers today is their lightweight design. Many people struggle with gas powered lawnmowers for their heavy weight and difficult to start design. It should be obvious that dragging a gas powered lawnmower out of your shed, starting it up, and bringing it back in is all very physically demanding. Some people may even struggle on starting the mower if it has a cord starter.

If you were to own a hand mower, it is very lightweight so it can be taken out of, and put back in, your shed with ease. You also do not have to attempt to force the hand mower to start like you would with a gas powered push mower. A hand mower will simply start up on the very first try, stress free!

Environment Friendly Effects
Hand mowers are very environment friendly. There is no need to pollute the atmosphere with hydro-carbon emissions. It does not take much effort to use a hand mower to cut your lawn. Unless you have a lot of land to cover, you could easily opt to a hand mower and put up with the physical effort that is required, which really is not much compared to a gas mower.

The hand mower is also much healthier to use for your grass as well. It provides a much cleaner cut to your grass that keeps the healthy and fresh appearance to it. The grass will also keep the fresh green color that is sometimes lost when using the wrong lawn care equipment.

The Design of a Hand Mower
A hand mower is designed with convenience in mind. The handlebars are adjusted to the average hand placement height. The height of the blades can be modified to collaborate with the height of the grass in your yard. The design is perfect to provide an easy to push mower that anyone can use.

There are different designs of hand mowers available. Some will include more features and functions than others. An example of a useful feature would be the hand mowers that include a bag in back to collect shredded grass. If you were thinking about buying a new hand mower then it would be suggested that you look into your options. Also, hand mowers are relatively inexpensive so you will be able to buy a higher end model even with a small budget.

Final Thoughts
If you want to maintain the quality of your grass, remain environment friendly, and be able to cut your grass without much physical effort, then the hand mower is right for you. It may not seem ideal as it will take a while to get the job done, but it is really a much better option than most of the alternative mowers. The advantages of owning a hand mower definitely outweigh the disadvantages. Especially from a financial aspect as you only pay a small amount for the mower, and then avoid fuel costs as well.

Make sure you only buy a hand mower if you do not intend on buying a different mower if you do not like it. Most people are not really attracted to hand mowers. Ultimately, they are great as they are healthy and easy to use but you have to be sure that you will be comfortable using it if you do purchase a hand mower.

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